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Empowering hospitality owners to create direct, meaningful and profitable guest relationships.


average monthly increase in per-location profit for clients


cities around the world


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We Believe in the Magic of the Moment

Every guest should feel like a regular as they enjoy life's moments. We help operators boost revenue and nurture guest relationships through access to key customer insights.

We're Entirely Focused on Operators

Without competing demand to build a consumer network, our focus remains on solving operator challenges in the hospitality space. We're dedicated to providing the tools to help you own your guest relationships.

We're Open and Connected

We believe systems and people should connect, collaborate and work together. Our technology solutions are built on a 100 percent open API to support complete transparency.

Our Story

At SevenRooms' inception, most technology was transactional with little focus on the customer. Guests were numbers, not faces. So we set out to build tools that empowered operators to understand the human side of these customer interactions, and we wanted a name that warmly embraced this concept.

The name SevenRooms is inspired by Vanity Fair editor Graydon Carter's theory of seven rooms as shared in the best-selling book, "How to Lose Friends and Alienate People":

"There are seven consecutive rooms in New York, each one more exclusive than the one before. Just when you think you're at the best place or the top spot, there's always another room you don't have access to or one that you haven't discovered yet."

We believe the seventh room is the place you go to frequently that knows and treats you well. Whether that's your neighborhood restaurant, coffee shop or bar, we all have a place that makes us feel at home. Our goal is to help businesses provide that experience to their customers every day and ultimately, create that sought-after seventh room.

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