Restaurant Tools for the Post-COVID World

The world's changed - we're here to help. In this new "hands-off" era in hospitality, it's more important than ever to think about how your business will adapt to balance the needs of a changed guest with long-term profitability.

Having access to the right technology can unlock delivery & pickup, contactless order & pay, virtual waitlists, and more. SevenRooms offers you all of these tools and integrates them with one platform, so you are building guest profiles and tracking guest data on and off-premise. Learn more below.

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Offer Direct Delivery & Pickup

Don’t pay extra third-party delivery fees for loyal guests that are already looking for you. With direct Online Ordering, you save an average of $5 per order by providing ordering options on your website and social media channels. Plus, your guests don’t have to download another app and you get the flexibility to determine how food is delivered and if you want to offer non-standard menu items like meal kits or subscriptions.

Enable Contactless Ordering + Payment

Diners access your online menu on their own smartphone by entering a URL, tapping a Near Field Communication (NFC) tag, or scanning a QR code. They can order and pay for food and beverages securely, all without swiping a card, opening a tab, signing a receipt, or waiting in line with a credit card, Apple or Google Pay.

Allow Guests to Join a Waitlist from Anywhere

Avoid queues at the host stands and allow your guests to join your waitlist from anywhere. Our white-labeled waitlist widget is accessible on any browser, allows guest to see their status in the queue and hosts to communicate via 2-way SMS texting.

Grow Repeat Orders and Revenue.

Own every guest relationship, whether it’s from booking, delivery, pickup or the waitlist, to get a better view of your guests relationship with your brand. Directly capture guest data, feedback and item-level order history to leverage ready-built, but customizable, automated emails that drive loyalty for you.

Ready to meet guest expectations & drive revenue?

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