Blog Post / April 18, 2018

Fear No Disruption: Making Restaurant Technology Work For Your Business

by Bianca Esmond
Bianca Esmond

Change doesn't always come easy — especially when introducing new restaurant technology.

Innovations and advanced technologies hold the promise of increased revenue, more streamlined operations and better processes. And both restaurants and guests are hungry for the change.

Almost 80 percent of customers believe restaurant technology positively impacts their guest experience. Guests note some of their favorite features as online restaurant reservation books, loyalty and rewards programs, and mobile ordering. Not only are these capabilities important to guests, but they have the potential to change the way restaurants operate.

It’s easy to discuss the benefits of restaurant software and technologies, but there are still barriers to reaping the rewards. That may explain why one-third of restaurateurs see their businesses as lagging behind in the technology landscape.

Let’s face it, bringing technology into a restaurant is easier said than done. But with the right approach in place — and partners onboard — the increased use of technology is something you can embrace rather than fear.

Here are three ways to ensure restaurant innovations are enhancing your business.

Do your best to make informed and strategic decisions about restaurant technology. While these innovations can pave the way to increased efficiency and deeper guest relationships, it starts by selecting the right capabilities and partners.

About the Author

Bianca Esmond

Bianca Esmond is the Director, Brand Marketing at SevenRooms, where she heads up brand awareness, communications and event programming. Based at New York HQ, she's always on the hunt for the best sushi in the city.


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