Case Study

SevenRooms Brings Complete Guest Profiles & Shared Data to 14 Venues

See how Ethan Stowell Restaurant's venues saved $6,000 a month and increased covers by 10%. Venues include Tavolata Belltown, Cortina, How To Cook A Wolf, MKT, Staple & Cross, Golfinch, Red Cow, Ballard Pizza and Brambling Cross.

Ethan Stowell Restaurants (ESR) is a Seattle-based hospitality group that focuses on the local communities, delivering a menu and environment unique to each neighborhood.

For 10 years, it had been using the same reservation, seating, and guest management platform. That platform was standing in the way of its goals by not passing along data and charging cover fees. Here's what happened when the hospitality group had the courage to make a change.

In this case study, you'll learn:


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