Case Study

Victor's Cafe Decreases Cover Costs by 30%, Adds 50 More Covers Per Shift

See how an independent restaurant in NYC, leveraged SevenRooms to save $2,000 a month while adding 50 additional covers per night.

Established in 1963, Victor’s Cafe is one of the only Cuban fine dining restaurants in NYC.  Like any independent venue and certainly one like Victor's Cafe that has withstood the test of time, management is focused on minimizing costs, driving revenue, and increasing operational efficiencies.

For Victor's Cafe, this meant focusing on how they could spend less to fill their seats while also getting more turns on every table. Until they discovered SevenRooms, they didn't realize their was a system that could help them optimize their entire guest-facing experience, including marketing and in-service operations.

In this case study, you'll learn how Victor's Cafe:


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