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Commission-Free Online Ordering

Drive traffic from direct marketing channels through a fully white-labeled online ordering guest experience. Save on third-party fees while collecting valuable diner insights to drive personalized marketing.

With guest data at the core, SevenRooms empowers operators to own their guest relationships so they can deliver exceptional experiences on- and off-premise that increase revenue and repeat business.

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Streamline Operations

Run a smooth operation with instant POS order injection and menu management that reduces errors and saves time. Plus, optimize channels and maximize profits with easy on/off throttling.

Increase Per-Order Profitibility

Don’t pay extra third-party delivery fees for loyal guests that are already looking for you. With direct Online Ordering, you save an average of $5 per order by providing ordering options on your website and social media channels. Plus, your guests don’t have to download another app and you get the flexibility to determine how food is delivered and if you want to offer non-standard menu items like meal kits or subscriptions.

Maximize Exposure on Third Party Channels

SevenRooms will never prevent you from working with popular third-party delivery channels that could expose your brand to potential new guests. But, even more so than booking reservations, guests tend to return and order from the same places over-and-over again. With direct delivery, you can take your new guests and turn them into loyal regulars that order directly from you and save you money in the long run

Grow Repeat Orders and Revenue

Own every guest relationship, whether it’s from booking or delivery to get a better view of your guests relationship with your brand. Directly capture guest data, feedback and item-level order history to leverage in ready-built, but customizable, automated emails that drive loyalty for you.

Ready to Boost Repeat Visits?