Online Ordering Product Update for July 2020

Here's a preview of everything new:

Owners Panel Updates 

Introducing: Order Throttling

Order Throttling allows venues to control the number of orders that come in during a given period of time. By setting pacing for incoming orders, operators can now control order volume and ensure their kitchen doesn't get overwhelmed. Throttling rules are very flexible as you can make rules for all locations and fulfillment methods or be hyper specific around delivery orders at a specific location link.

To Enable Order Throttling:

Find Order Throttling Settings in the Owners Panel and click “Enable

Click the “+” sign to get started with your first Throttling rule.

Fill in the required fields like, maximum order number, day/time slots, fulfillment method and location.

Click "ADD" and you're all set.

That's all for this month folks! We'll be back next month with more product news!




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