Here's What Launched in December 2018.

Below is a recap of SevenRooms product releases over the past month:

Auto-Tags for Reservations Customized By Access Rule

Before: If a reservation was booked for a specific seating area, experience, or upgrade — that information was pushed to the host stand and servers via note on the reservation.

Now: You can set up auto-tags for reservations by access rule. So not only does the important information come in as a note, but it also gets flagged in a more visible place, too.

access rule example for auto tag - sevenrooms

Why it matters for you: It’s easier to recognize these reservations in-service and for back-office staff to report on these reservations.

Two things to be aware of:

Once your tag is ready, go into any existing or new access rule, and scroll down to section 5, which is now called “Upgrades + Reservation Tags” to add your tag.

Tag suggestions: seating area, party size, or meal experience selected.

Groups Can Now Change Internal Names for Venues

Before: Venue names for same-named restaurants in a group did not factor in city location. So a “Tim’s Restaurant” in NYC looked as the same as a Tim’s Restaurant in Miami — both were named “Tim’s Restaurant” in SevenRooms because this was the name that guests saw, too, on the reservation widget.

Now: It’s possible to have different internal names in SevenRooms than what guests see. SevenRooms clients can ask their Customer Success Manager to change an internal name in Admin Settings. This way, the restaurant name looks the same to guests on the widget and in emails, but internally you can name things like “Tim’s Restaurant NYC.”

Cross-Sell Collapse If Reservations Are Available Within 45-Minute Window Of Guest Search Time

We’ve built out a halo of 45-minutes so that when a guest searches for a reservation time on a restaurant or group widget, if there is a time slot available up to 45 minutes before or after the time searched for, then we collapse the cross-sell showing availability on other days and at other venues.

Why: The thinking here is that these cross-sells distract the guest from booking same-day, same-venue and that up to 45 minutes of a time different guests are typically willing to book.

Note: This collapse will also apply to Requests if the venue has those enabled, as well.


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