Here's What Launched in January 2019.

Below is a recap of SevenRooms product releases over the past month:

Grid On Mobile Is Here

View seating for an entire shift at once. Drag and drop reservations to where they fit. And add walk-ins where there's space. Just like Tetris!

When you drag and drop a reservation, you can see auto-assigned reservations update to new tables in real-time. Pretty cool, right?

sevenrooms grid on mobile 4.1

This update comes to the iOS app as part of updating to version 4.1, along with:

XLXS Export for Clients and Reservations

Before: Client and reservation exports from web were capped at 65,000 rows.

Now: Exports can handle over 1 million rows. That’s a 1438% increase in export capacity!

This update applies to both dining and nightlife accounts.

Opera Integration Is Officially Live

Hotels, this one’s for you!

If you use property management system (PMS) Opera to manage your room reservations, you can now bridge the gap between your rooms and your F&B.

How It Works: When you add a walk-in or new reservation from web or mobile, you can now find and connect an existing guest profile at your property or another in the group by searching:

Example of when this comes in handy: A guest staying at your hotel arrives at your F&B outlet and says “I’m staying in room 115.” You can search “115” in SevenRooms to quickly connect their profile to the associated walk-in party.


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