Product Update for June 2019

More inventory on Google, variable tax rates and custom booking policies!

Ga Ga for Google

Now, if you use Stripe, more of your inventory is available on Google. Specifically, now inventory that requires a credit card hold can be booked via Google Reserve (the “Book a Table” button). There’s nothing you need to do to set this up. If you already have inventory on your SevenRooms reservation widget that requires a credit card to book, that inventory, and any that you add in the future, will be available on Google.   Please note, this is only available for clients using Stripe.

Here’s what it looks like for guests:

Custom Booking Policies for Events? No Problem.

Events are a whole different beast. We get that.  That’s why we just enhanced the Event Widget with the ability to customize the booking policy and cancellation policy. That means you can create unique policies for each Event, or even customize it for each inventory type so that your policies for your July 4th Patio Party on a VIP Reservation is different than for a standard Guestlist ticket.

Ready to give it a try? Navigate to Marketing and select ‘Events’’ click ‘Add Event’. Here’s what it looks like. You can edit the text in the box to be anything you like.

Accounting Teams: Rejoice! 

We now support the ability to adjust tax rates across venues -- and even add custom tax types -- for payments coming in through the booking widget, including experiences and upgrades

These new tax categories are created at the venue group level so your corporate team can manage categories and specify tax rates at each venue, all in one place.  Plus, now, there’s an additional tab on the payments report that breaks down each charge into its individual components, including base charge and various tax types. 

To adjust your tax rates: Navigate to Settings and select ‘Tax Rates’ which is located under the General section.  Take look below:




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