Online Ordering Product Update for June 2020

Here's a preview of everything new:

Web Terminal Updates 

Partial Refunds

You can now refund a fixed dollar amount or percentage on a single, some or all items in an order. To issue a refund; open to Order, tap Refund, select the item(s), tap Partial, choose a fixed dollar or percentage amount to refund and click Refund.

User Experience Enhancements 

We’ve cleaned up the Web Terminal to make it easier to filter and navigate. Now, orders are color coded and can be filtered by fulfillment method.


Owners Panel Updates 

Taxable Fees Table 

Replacing the old Delivery Fee field in Account Settings, the Taxable Fees Table allows you to create taxable fees based off of fixed dollar or percentage. For example, you can now have a 20% Service Fee for pickup/delivery or a $7 Delivery Charge. Owners can now create and edit taxable fees for any fulfillment methods and underlying location.

Customizable Tip Percentages 

Previously tip percentages were hard-coded at 18%/20%/25% with 20% as default. All three percentages are now customizable, as is defining which is the default. Set all three to 0% to hide the Tip Picker on completely on checkout.

That's all for this month folks! We'll be back next month with more product news!




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