Here's What Launched in November 2018

Below is a quick summary of what we’ve been working on at SevenRooms over the past month:

3 Updates for Web Users

1. Marketing Opt-In Filter

The days needing to complete an export to check for “Marketing Opt In” are over!

Starting this month, you can now choose a “Marketing opt-in” filter from both the Clients tab and from the “Search Reservations” report in Reporting.'

This allows you to see which guests have explicitly opted into receiving marketing emails.

This cuts minutes off of the export-from-SevenRooms, import-to-email-provider process.

2. New "Any" / "All" Tag Filtering for Clients and Reservations

Let’s say you’re hosting a wine dinner, and you want to invite any guest with a wine-specific tag.

Or your new menu has new diet-friendly items on it, and you want to target guests who have a tag like: Vegan, Paleo, Gluten-Free, Vegetarian, Pescatarian, Dairy-free, and Kosher.

Instead of having to export individual lists for each tag and then combining them, there’s now an “or” filter type. Here's what it looks like:

Once you choose "Any Tags," you select the tags you want this to apply to. Once you click "Update," guests (or guests with reservations) that ANY of the tags apply to are pulled in.

Note: Similar to the update above, this feature applies to both the Clients tab and “Search Reservations” in the Reporting tab.

End Result: You get all of the information you need in a one-click export. No combining or de-duping necessary.

Here’s what it looks like in the “Search Reservations” report, for example:

In this case I’ve sorted to ANY reservations with pistachio, pine, peanut, or hazelnut allergies.

Pro Tip: You can also use the “Search Reservations” report to narrow to reservations that happened during specific shifts, times, or statuses.

3. Better, Easier User Account Setup

Now, Superusers and Managers with administrative access can do the following from the venue account they’re logged into:

Add a new user, giving him or her access to multiple venues

Edit a user’s access across one or more venues at once

Quickly create another user with the same or similar settings

Quickly remove access across multiple venues at once for a departed employee

That’s all for now! Until next time…

P.S. Want a refresher training? Sign up for a time that’s convenient for you here.


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