Reopening Post-COVID: Exploring the Role of Tech in the New Guest Experience

We recently hosted a webinar with Restaurant Business that explored the changing expectations of guests and the things you should consider as you build out a post-COVID-19 reopening strategy.

*This is a recording of a live webinar held on May 7th.

When COVID-19 hit the world, it shut down restaurants and bars, obliterated hotel occupancy rates and destroyed the global economy, fundamentally changing the way people interact with each other and within their communities. With our post-COVID-19 world ushering in a new, "hands-off" era in hospitality, it's more important than ever to think about how your business will adapt to balance the needs of a changed guest with long-term profitability.

From an increased focus on margins and increasing the value of every dollar to streamlined operations and improved marketing, this webinar focuses on four things you should consider as you build out a post-COVID-19 reopening strategy, including:

  1. The importance of guest data: Why a direct strategy is crucial in enabling you to capture and leverage data across the guest journey to drive engagement across reservation, waitlist and delivery channels.
  2. Leveraging technology for guest experiences: How you can use technology to improve data-driven guest experiences in light of social distancing best practices and likely reduced-capacity regulations in the near term.
  3. Introducing operational changes: What you can do to help guests adjust to changing market dynamics, including navigating virtual waitlists, contactless payments, serverless ordering and more.
  4. Improving marketing efforts: How a fully integrated guest experience platform can help you achieve your marketing goals while enabling you to do more with less staff and financial resources.



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