Webinar: How to Attract More Customers in the Digital Age

5 Tips For Your Restaurant Or Hotel

In the digital age, it is often hard to know where to spend your time and resources on marketing efforts. Use this webinar for tips and tricks on how to prioritize your options and get the most value from your marketing channels. Our webinar was done in partnership with Main Street Hub, a full-service marketing automation and CRM platform that integrates social, reviews, and email marketing. Download the recording for ways to optimize your marketing strategy with engaging content that will fill seats and keep guests coming back.



In our webinar, you’ll learn:

>How to define your brand and your unique voice online

>How to create an authentic experience for Millennials

>How to leverage data and personalization to supercharge your marketing

>How to maximize engagement on your social media pages

>How to encourage positive customer feedback and respond to reviews


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