An Unforgettable Plate: Our Dream Dinner

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Feb 21, 2023

An Unforgettable Plate: Our Dream Dinner

From seaside dining to jungle retreats, there are plenty of unique, beautiful and delicious venues to book on SevenRooms. We asked the SevenRooms team to share their dream dinner destination — whether they’ve been lucky enough to dine there or intend to travel there sometime soon. Read on to get inspired.

Virtue (Chicago)

“If I could dine at any SevenRooms customer in the world, I’d pick Virtue in Chicago. I had the chance to hear Chef Erick Williams speak at the Welcome Conference last year and had full body chills. His engagement in his community, approach of gratitude and compassion and development of the next generation of hospitality leaders is admirable. It’s impossible for the food and drinks to taste bad when there is that much love and respect in the air.”

Alexa Detzi, Senior Director, Enterprise Success

VAGA (Encinitas)

“I would dine (again) at VAGA, located in the beautiful Alila Marea resort in Encinitas. This place holds a special place in my heart because my husband proposed to me at this hotel and we had the most magical dinner at VAGA afterwards. The head chef, Claudette Zepeda, is a flavor genius and every single thing I’ve tasted here is unique and delicious. To top it all off, the restaurant faces West over the ocean, making for the perfect sunset view”

Stephanie Capretta, Customer Success Manager

Scorpios Mykonos (Mikonos)

“Having experienced the magical setting of Scorpios Mykonos, by the Greek sea and with the most beautiful sunset, it’s just a matter of time until you want to plan your next visit. But it’s not just the location, it’s also the ambiance and interior of that place that makes it unique. A Greek bohemian interior, with daily DJ parties and a vibrant crowd who is there to dine, drink, dance and have a laugh because life is good at that moment. It creates the most beautiful dining experience during your summer holidays”

Georgio Ntontos, Strategic Client Director

Al Muntaha (Dubai)

“As early adopters of the SevenRooms restaurant platform, Al Muntaha and the Jumeirah restaurants hold a special place in our product heritage. I would love to dine at this Burj beauty serving French delicacies from Chef Saverio Sbaragli”

Jeremy Pfund, VP, Platform Engineering

Gaggan Anand (Bangkok)

“Asia’s Top Restaurants, Michelin Stars, an episode on Top Chef….Gaggan Anand in Bangkok has achieved every accolade out there. His restaurant is more than a meal, its an experience. I’d love the chance to dine at SevenRooms client and self proclaimed ‘rockstar of fine dining’, Gaggan

Andrew Nagelberg, Senior Customer Success Manager

GOHO (Singapore)

“If I could dine at any SevenRooms restaurant, I would choose GOHO, a Kaiseki restaurant in Singapore! Differing from omakase (which I also love), Kaiseki involves more varied styles of food and traditional Japanese cooking skills. GOHO has a unique seasonal tasting menu that they pair with a curated drinks menu, and I’m a sucker for a cozy lounge space.”

Grace Klouman, Sales Development Representative

Endo at The Rotunda (London)

“My wishlist dining experience is omakase at Endo at The Rotunda. I’ve read only rave reviews of this Michelin-starred, “Sushi in the Clouds” experience. Plus, their team has been a pleasure to support!”

Olivia Brendel, Product Support Specialist

Asador Etxebarri (Bizkaia)

“Asador Etxebarri would be an unforgettable experience to try the freshest ingredients, raised and grown in the hills of Basque Country, grilled by the legendary Chef Victor Arguinzoniz. Hopefully, one day, I’ll get a chance to try their Housemade Chorizo and Chuletan cut.”

Sunny Johnson, Advanced Technical Support Representative

“If I could choose any SevenRooms customer I think it would be Asador Etxebarri in Basque country. My wife and I love Chef’s Table on Netflix and this restaurant was featured in the BBQ series. It looks like it would be an amazing experience.”

Bruce Moschetti, Senior Salesforce Administrator

“I would dine at Asador Etxebarri in northern Spain. It’s one of our most remote SevenRooms partners, in a sleepy mountain town 40 minutes outside of Bilbao. It’s also my favorite restaurant in the world. Every item from the butter at the beginning to the ice cream at the end is kissed by the smoke, prepared over an open-fire grill.”

Aaron Arizpe, Senior Associate, Product Marketing

Pasture (Bristol)

Pasture is a steakhouse tucked away in the southwest of England in Bristol. Everything is cooked with love to absolute perfection, which makes every bite, the perfect bite. Their crab brown butter with toasted brioche is heavenly!”

On-Mun She, Onboarding Manager

Rainbow Cafe (Saint Martin)

“I would dine at Rainbow Cafe in Saint Martin. From the view of the beautiful ocean as you dine, to the colorful and vibrant decor, and most importantly the delicious food, it is the trifecta for an amazing experience. A bonus if you can catch a plane landing over the beach!”

Kysha Laguerre, Onboarding Manager

Speilsalen (Trondheim)

“I would dine at Speilsalen at the Britannia Hotel in Norway. It is a Michelin star restaurant led by Christopher Davidsen that has curated the entire menu with typically Norwegian ingredients. The interior of the restaurant is also a work of art, and every single detail is curated. Plus, if you leave the hotel, you find yourself in the centre of Trondheim which is a lovely town dating back to the 11th century, just on the Trondheim Fjord.”

Fiammetta Leotta, Account Executive

Hoppers and Dishoom (London)

“My wife and I had an incredible trip to London about 5-6 years ago and we had memorably delicious meals at Hoppers and Dishoom. Reconnecting with seminal food memories is my favorite sport, so I’d want to get back that feeling of being on vacation together (without kids), doing what we do best (eating).”

Jason Steinthal, Renewals Specialist

Flora Farms (Cabo)

Flora Farms is a must stop if you are in San Jose del Cabo, Mexico. A hidden gem that is tucked away on the mountains of Cabo. Between the incredibly warm and welcoming staff to the fresh farm to table food, you are in for an experience. The pork chop and the burrata are a must but also be sure to save room for fresh made ice cream from their ice cream cart!”

Tara Vu, Manager, Strategy & Operations

Flora’s Field Kitchen is located on a 25-acre organic farm. There’s also a bar, spa and grocery store on the farm and each showcases its homegrown produce. The restaurant was originally in the town but the owner decided she would rather bring the restaurant to the farm rather than the other way around.”

Justin Stevens, Talent & Communications Specialist

Maialino (New York City)

“I grew up in the Gramercy Park neighborhood of New York City and was always surrounded by Danny Meyer’s restaurants. Growing up, I knew of him and his restaurants, but I never really spent any time at his spots because they are all fairly expensive destinations. As I got older and began to appreciate food and hospitality more, I made an effort to go to these restaurants and I have always been impressed by the magic of a USHG restaurant. Maialino just happened to be my favorite of the bunch.”

Harry Pellicoro, Chief of Staff

Minibar (Washington DC)

“I would dine at Minibar. I have been a fan of Jose Andres since I went to school in DC, where I heard him speak about his book We Fed an Island at his book signing. I am inspired by his humanitarian and culinary projects & would love to experience one of his most acclaimed restaurants myself.”

Sara Fares, Software Engineer II

Minibar in Washington, D.C. is one of the major talks of the town and is supposed to be an unreal experience! This is for sure one of those once in a lifetime meal type spots.”

Evan Riley, Brand Content Manager

Principote (Mykonos)

“When I think about one of the most beautiful places I have been, I think of the Island of Mykonos. Picturesque, tranquil and vibrant all at the same time. My favourite place to dine is a late lunch at Principote. Dine with a group of friends, enjoying some of the best seafood on earth!”

Paul Hadida, General Manager, APAC

Bacash (Melbourne)

“What I would give to be able to dive headfirst into the menu at Bacash in Melbourne. Having lived up and down the West Coast from San Diego to Seattle, I’ve always held great seafood in high esteem. To have the opportunity to enjoy world-class seafood, prepared by a world-class chef, in a world-class city — that’s heaven. Plus, who doesn’t want to sit around a table drinking Chenin Blanc passing around the Tasmanian Garfish?”

Will Brown, Customer Success Manager

The Inn at Bay Fortune (Prince Edward Island)

The Inn at Bay Fortune, on the coast of Prince Edward Island, has a Fireworks dinner that sounds absolutely incredible! A four-hour journey that starts with a Farm Tour, followed by an oyster hour (with both raw and ember roasted oysters) and a sabre sparkling wine toast, then on to a seated feast by the 25 foot live fire hearth, finishing with their house-made marshmallows — roasted over a cozy open fire. Everything from the grounds, to the story of the Inn, to this magical menu sounds like a dream dinner that I am going to make a reality one day soon!”

Jonna Gerlich, Strategic Sales Director

The Terrace (Shelter Island)

“A warm breeze blowing through your hair, as you sip a creative cocktail, on the terrace, overlooking Crescent Beach. I’m ready to pack my bag and head to The Terrace now!”

Lauren Ernst, Talent Experience Manager

Kin Toh (Tulum)

“I was immediately jealous when a friend sent me photos of their recent dinner at Kin Toh. I mean, who wouldn’t want to have dinner in a treehouse nest?”

Stephanie Schalow, Demand Generation Manager

Park Chinois (London)

“The vibes at Park Chinois seem immaculate. They have a supper club dining experience and an underground bar that is absolutely incredible!”

Skyler Hunt, Senior Community Development Manager

Mr. Fogg’s Secret Garden (London)

“This place in London, Mr. Fogg’s Secret Garden looks like a magical experience and so much fun! In fact, all of their locations look like a blast for cocktails! This would be my vote to check out next time I’m in London!”

Katelyn Andrews, Content Marketing Manager

Atlas Bar (Singapore)

“1920’s charm meets world-class cocktails? Sign me up! I’ve been hoping to get back to Singapore for some years now, and Atlas Bar is high on my list to visit when I’m back in the city. A large portion of their drinks menu is dedicated to my favorite alcohol: gin. The biggest challenge will be deciding which cocktail to start with!”

Bianca Esmond, Director, Brand Marketing

Vezene (Santorini)

“Take me back to Vezene in Santorini so I can relive this sunset!”

Bobby Khaleghian, Director, Product Marketing

Hotel Brugge (Brugge)

“I’ve always fantasized about visiting Bruges (ever since seeing the movie “In Bruges”) — it just seems like the most picturesque and romantic European town. So knowing that SevenRooms has a client there, it feels like a no-brainer to pay a visit here one day. Restaurant Cruydenhove at Van der Valk Hotel Bruges – Oostkamp looks luxurious and delicious and would be a dream dinner for me while exploring a new place!”

Noa Broder, Senior Customer Strategy Manager

Cote (New York City)

“The Cote Korean Steakhouse Sommelier Supper in NYC and Miami is my dream meal — curated wines, knowledgeable and fun sommeliers, and the tastiest meal you’ll ever eat. I was lucky enough to dine there with two 7Roomies: a truly unforgettable meal!”

Alana Steinberg, Product Marketing Manager

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