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Guest data: the main ingredient for growth

SevenRooms collects, builds and connects guest data so you can personalize experiences, build better relationships and grow your sales.
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Actionable guest profiles, built automatically

360° guest profiles built automatically with over 100 unique data points on each of your diners to spice up service and supercharge marketing.
Collect and build detailed guest profiles automatically with preferences, special occasions, guest notes, visits, order and purchase history.
Track lifetime and itemized spend via 65+ POS integrations to empower front-of-house staff and marketing.
Centralize guest profiles for a unified view of the customer across locations and departments.

Better understand your guests using Auto-tags & smart segmentation

Instantly build detailed guest profiles that grow with each guest interaction with your brand. Use unlimited tags and customizable Auto-tags to personalize service and marketing.
Leverage our best practice Auto-tag library or create your own using rules-based criteria that fit your brand and apply tags to guest profiles automatically.
Add unlimited tags and Auto-tags like “positive reviewer” or “steak lover” to CRM profiles to deeply understand every guest.
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Use guest data to create targeted marketing and personalized experiences

Quickly find customer subsegments like “big spenders” and “brand champions” to uncover engaged guests and serve them up tailored service and marketing.
Slice and dice your data to build lookalike audiences of your top guests, and create high-intent marketing segments.
Find new champions based on visit history and POS sales data and turn them into raving fans with in-service Perks to reward them for their loyalty.
Easily export guest data or specific segments to fuel personalized marketing campaigns.

“I love the SevenRooms philosophy that it’s our guests, our data. We have over 1 million clients in our CRM database now, and the ability to engage with them before, during, and after every dining experience.”

Ashley Keeney, Director of Administration, Mina

“As a company, we really focus on personalising the guest journey on- and offline. SevenRooms gives us the opportunity to do that. We can leverage guest insights and data based on recency, frequency, value and purchase behaviour. And the segmentation that is possible through condition-based auto-tags is a game changer for us in terms of marketing.”

Dayle O’Hara, Fazenda

“SevenRooms allows us to learn about our guests before, during and after their experience – and that’s awesome. It’s enabled us to start taking a whole new approach to targeted marketing.”

Rob McGovern, Director of F&B, IGC Hospitality

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