How To Reach and Keep Your VIP Guests

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Bianca Esmond

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Jul 16, 2018

How To Reach and Keep Your VIP Guests
While every guest deserves top notch service, a select few may warrant a little extra attention. From stopping by a few times a week to spending hundreds of dollars during each visit, VIP guests can quickly establish themselves as an important part of your business. After all, they have the potential to boost your bottom line. Here are three ways you can treat big spenders like the VIPs they are. 1. Monitor real-time data Just because it’s a guest’s first time at your restaurant doesn’t mean they should miss out on the VIP experience. Keep tabs on spend data across each of your tables. If a guest orders the most expensive wine on your menu, you may have a new VIP in the house. Have the sommelier or manager stop by their table to show your appreciation or send over a complimentary dessert. The more you reward VIP guests for their patronage, the better chance they’ll be back. 2. Share guest profiles For guests who visit your restaurant often, consider sharing their profile with your sister properties. Specific details – such as their dietary restrictions or favorite dish – can make a big difference in the guest experience. Since you may have racked up plenty of insights into a guest’s preferences, sharing this information across your portfolio ensures they receive the VIP treatment wherever they go. 3. Suggest unique experiences Want your VIPs to to remain loyal customers? Use data to craft an experience they can’t get elsewhere. From a rooftop dinner at sunset to complimentary tickets to an exclusive event, pinpoint the perfect experience for each guest. For example, if a handful of VIPs order pricey whiskey each visit, consider hosting a whiskey tasting to show them you’re paying attention and ultimately drive additional revenue. After all, the experience economy is quickly gaining traction. As more guests shift their focus from food to experiences, your creativity and personalization can be a game-changer. Special perks and upgrades can go a long way toward showing your VIP guests how much you appreciate their business. In addition to extending the same level of service at each of your sister properties, spice things up with experiences that make your restaurant memorable.

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