6 Brand New iOS Features, Asked for and Answered — Grid On Mobile & More

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Jan 7, 2019

6 Brand New iOS Features, Asked for and Answered — Grid On Mobile & More

Today, we released six new features as part of iteration 4.1 of the SevenRooms iOS app. Here’s what it includes:

Grid on Mobile

(Note: This feature applies to dining accounts only.) We don’t have to tell you that this one’s huge; most of you have been asking for it for a while. GRID ON MOBILE Here’s what grid on mobile lets you do:

Drag & drop reservations and add walk-ins where there’s space. Just like Tetris!
Click into a block to edit, delete, or add reservation
Add a walk-in for the current time
Add reservations for later today or future dates

It matters because it allows you more quickly accommodate guest’s table preferences, and it allows you better optimize your seating assignments to fit the most turns into each shift. Get the detailsGoogle Search Slide-Out

Scenario: A new guest is about to arrive, and you’re left without any context. Who are they? What do they look like? Where do they work? You need this information to personalize your greeting and service. Solution: This feature initiates a Google Search fly-out from the Reservation and Client slide-outs, so you don’t need to close your app and open an internet browser window. Seconds saved on each guest turns into hours saved per day.

Feedback Summary on Reservation History

(Note: This feature applies to dining accounts only.)Scenario: A repeat guest is about to arrive on site. You’re looking to gain valuable insight into how their past experiences went. SevenRooms has always shown you what they ordered (via a POS integration) and when they dined in the past, but you want sentiment data. Solution: Now maître d’s and hostesses can see a guest’s feedback from any previous meal in the History tab of their profile, and they can pass that information along to the server. Adding Future Reservations to Specific Table

Scenario: A regular calls into the host stand and wants to book their favorite table for tonight. The best way to do this has been to add a new reservation and then choose the table from there. It wasn’t easy to search and book availability for that one table from the get-go. Solution: Now, you can select their table on Floor Plan and search and book availability specific to that one table. Just double-click on the client’s favorite table, and you’ll see an “Add Future Reservation” button. Note: You also have this option on Grid, too!

Star Printer Integration

Scenario: You moved off of Guest Center to come onto SevenRooms, your chit printer is expensive to maintain, and/or the wifi goes down often at your venue and it makes chit printing painful. Solution: We just integrated with Star printers. Cheaper for you that Epson printers, plus you can buy a USB-supported model that print chits without wifi. All you’d need is a lightning connector cable. We’ve put together a help center article that documents how to connect a Star printer and points you in the right direction for which model to buy. Check that out here. Get your free demo of SevenRooms today.Mark as “Left” Faster

(Note: This feature applies to dining accounts only.)Scenario: Before, when a party left a table, the fastest way to mark the status was in two steps: first click on the table, then click on the “Seated” status to find “Left.”Solution: Now, you can mark them as “Left” using the new button right within in the table card. No need to click into the list of statuses. You just got a shortcut!

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