Roomie Roundup: Honoring Women’s Equality Day with Room For Her Employee Resource Group

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Aug 26, 2022

Roomie Roundup: Honoring Women’s Equality Day with Room For Her Employee Resource Group

In honor of Women’s Equality Day, we spoke to RoomForHer Employee Resource Group (ERG) co-lead and Sales Manager, Caitlyn Wright.

Who does the Room For Her ERG support?

Caitlyn Wright (CW): Room For Her works to empower the personal and professional growth of women at SevenRooms through mentorship, collaboration, networking, and open conversation. Our ERG is a safe, inclusive, and supportive space to foster genuine connections and community among women-identifying employees, and to explore challenges faced by women in the workplace. 

We’ve created a space to share resources for furthering personal and professional development. We also connect on ways to support and directly impact other women outside of the company, such as in the hospitality industry and other sectors.In our community, we speak openly about challenges and ways to change the status quo at work and beyond.

What does personal and professional development for women mean to you?

CW: Women face many challenges in the workplace both personally and professionally, so it’s important to create a space for open conversations about these issues. From these conversations, we’ve discussed other initiatives, such as starting a mentorship program, where women can support one another and help each other advance their careers.

What is Room For Her looking to achieve at SevenRooms?

CW: We have an array of goals to support women at SevenRooms. This year, we’re particularly focused on building a community for women and allies within the company, through the creation of workshops and events. Earlier this year, for example, we hosted a virtual fireside chat during Women’s History Month that featured three of our female leaders. And earlier this month, we celebrated 7R Inclusion Week in partnership with 7R’s Black Voices ERG, by hosting a panel featuring black female leaders in the hospitality industry. Both of these events were incredibly inspiring and highlighted the importance of gender equality in the workplace.

What inspired you to start Room For Her?

CW: It’s important to me that all people in the workplace feel included, and that they have a voice and seat at the table. Historically, people who identify as women have faced inequity in the workplace. I founded Room For Her to advocate on behalf of all women within the organization. I also believe in the power of creating a space where folks can discuss hard topics and navigate them together. Vulnerability is a strength and it’s important for our community to talk about their challenges and connect with one another. One thing I’ve really missed about being in an office during the pandemic is having a physical space for women to come together, so it was important to create one virtually. I’m very grateful for the special community we’ve built and I am excited for all that’s to come!

This interview has been edited for length and clarity.

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