Blog Post / April 11, 2018

How Data-Driven Guest Relationships Drive Your Bottom Line

by Bianca McLaren
Bianca McLaren

A mouth-watering dish or luxurious atmosphere is sure to drum up attention, but it’s not the only way to build lasting guest relationships.

The rise of social media has customers craving experiences that are memorable – and perhaps even more importantly – sharable. Nearly 70 percent of millennials take a photo or video of their meal before enjoying a taste.

Wondering how to cater to customers in the experience economy? Try diving into data. From a customer’s order history to their preferred seating option, data can provide you with the tools to create unforgettable experiences. More access to guest data also improves guest management and ultimately drives growth to your bottom line. Here’s how to get started.

Increased loyalty

Keep guests coming back for more with experiences that are just as appetizing as your menu. When the food rating is two points higher than that of overall experience, the chance of a guest returning to your restaurant is 38 percent lower than if the ratings were equal. Leverage any available guest data to tailor experiences. Even small gestures – such as covering the cost of dessert or offering special discounts after a certain number of visits – won’t go unnoticed.

Use a guest management system to take note of important guest preferences, such as their favorite wine or any dietary restrictions. This level of care and attention to detail can go a long way in building brand loyalty with your guests.

The right upgrades

Adding new locations isn’t the only way to rake in more revenue. When it comes to generating more money from the same seats, reservation upgrades and customer experiences are two options worth thinking about. You can use the data guests share with your business to offer the types of upgrades they’re willing to pay extra for.

Whether it’s access to exclusive, guest-only events or special multi-course meals, offer upgrades that align with your customers’ personal needs and preferences. Surfing social media for insights into the latest trends is one way to spark some ideas about what customers are craving.

Fewer empty seats

Once you’ve created experiences that cater to each guest, maximize their impact by offering them at different hours. From hosting an afternoon chef’s table to scheduling an exclusive wine tasting later in the evening, switch up when certain experiences can be booked to spike traffic during off-peak hours. In addition to satisfying customers’ cravings for a personalized experience, you’ll have the opportunity to raise revenue and fill more seats.

As the experience economy grows, personalization should take priority. By drawing upon insights from guest data, you can create experiences that will wow customers and bump up your bottom line.

Ready for more ways to strengthen guest relationships? Download our playbook, “3 Ways to Drive More Revenue from your Reservation Book.”

About the Author

Bianca McLaren

Bianca McLaren is the Senior Manager, Brand Marketing at SevenRooms, where she heads up brand awareness, communications and event programming. Based at New York HQ, she's always on the hunt for the best sushi in the city.


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