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Off-Premise Operations

A restaurant order management system that puts you in control.

Know your delivery & pickup customers

Guest profile tags help you collect an unprecedented amount of data that you can leverage to enhance the off-premise experience and retain more customers. Easily identify your online ordering “regulars” and your big spenders, creating the opportunity to acknowledge them with a little something extra in their next bag. Because on- and off-premise data is visible on every guest’s profile, you’ll be able to instantly recognize when a valuable online ordering customer arrives to dine on premise.

Centralized menu management

With SevenRooms, you can create an online ordering menu that maximizes profitability. Our intuitive menu builder lets you easily design and update your menu with pictures, prices, modifiers and upsells.

Streamlined order management

Manage delivery and pickup orders with ease with our fully-integrated restaurant online ordering platform. SevenRooms lets you manage off-premise orders alongside reservations, so you can run a smooth service in your dining room and ensure efficient delivery and takeout operations at the same time. Two-way SMS texting allows for easy, real-time communication with customers, while in-app triggers give guests insight into order status.

Easy last-mile delivery integration 

Our order management system works seamlessly with the technologies you already use to streamline operations from end to end. With the option to use your own delivery drivers or take advantage of courier integrations with DoorDash Drive, Orkestro, Drive Yello and others, last-mile delivery has never been simpler.

All the tools you need to succeed.

At the core of the SevenRooms platform is the world’s best CRM software for restaurants — but that’s just the beginning. We help you build relationships before guests even enter your space, and we ensure you stay top of mind as you strengthen your connection and bring guests back again and again. The best part: It’s all automated.


Commission-Free Orders

Avoid third-party fees and own your guest relationships and data. 


Promo Codes

 Incentivize repeat business with special offers


Order Management System

Easily view orders and reservations side- by side.
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Guest Profile Tagging

Understand guests for personalized service and targeted marketing outreach.


Courier Integrations

Create a better guest experience with smooth last-mile delivery.
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White-Labeled Menus

Keep your brand front and center at all times.



Monitor ordering trends and menu item performance.


Modifiers & Upsells

Manage and satisfy customer requests to create incremental revenue.


Review Aggregation

Stay on top of guest satisfaction.
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Middleware Integrations

Simplify order and menu management for your team.
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Delivery & Pickup

Eliminate third-party fees and drive customer retention with direct delivery and pickup orders.


CRM & Guest Profiles 

Your customers, your data, your relationships. All wrapped up in one restaurant CRM system.

“After implementing SevenRooms at MINA Family Kitchen, it’s clear how important guest data is in helping us curate and customize experiences for our guests. This rings especially true when managing delivery and takeout orders.”

Ashley Keeney, Director of Administration
MINA Group


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