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On-Premise Table Management System 

Table management tools that streamline operations and power exceptional service

Fully integrated table management software

Our iOS and web apps help you keep track of reservations, requests, waitlist guests, and online orders in a single view. Two-way SMS texting helps you stay in touch with every diner. When the conversation is over, it’s automatically added to the guest profile. Mobile push notifications alert you to time-sensitive updates including check-ins, new reservations and cancellations.

  • CheckmarkIntegrated web and iOS applications
  • CheckmarkPredictive waitlist
  • CheckmarkAI-powered auto-seating algorithm 
  • CheckmarkIn-service alerts and notifications
  • CheckmarkTwo-way SMS

Simplified front-of-house operations

SevenRooms restaurant seating software takes the guesswork out of table assignments. Our auto-assign seating algorithm reviews more than 10,000 combinations per second to find the best fit for every guest. Grid view gives you a bird’s-eye view of an entire shift at once and lets you add and edit reservations, assign walk-ins, update table statuses and view reservation notes simply by hovering over a guest’s name. Air traffic control has never been so easy.

Real-time guest data

SevenRooms offers more than 50 POS system integrations, enabling you to seamlessly attach itemized and total spend to guest profiles. Use the integration in-service and easily spot big spenders on the floor and give them a table touch. Whether you use it at a single venue or across a global portfolio, our on-premise CRM technology gives you a 360-degree view of every customer, so you can elevate the guest experience to boost customer retention.

Personalized service at scale

Make every guest feel like a regular. SevenRooms’ 360-degree guest profiles build themselves and track everything from allergies and dietary preferences to reservation and order history, unlocking endless possibilities for personalized service and segmented marketing. With customizable guest tags on profiles, staff can easily identify regulars, high spenders, reviewers and first-timers to tailor service appropriately for every guest.

  • CheckmarkOn- and off-premise history
  • CheckmarkStandard and custom guest tags 
  • CheckmarkLinked guest feedback
  • CheckmarkReal-time customizable Pre-Shift report

All the table management tools you need to succeed.

At the core of the SevenRooms platform is the world’s best hospitality CRM software — but that’s just the beginning. We help you build relationships before guests even enter your space, and we ensure you stay top of mind as you strengthen your connection and bring guests back again and again. The best part: It’s all automated.


Grid View

Optimize seating assignments for an entire shift.


Mobile & Watch Apps

Stay connected, even when you’re on the go.


In-Service Notifications

Receive instant alerts for important updates within your venue(s).


Digital Credit Card Authorizations

Make it easy for guests and staff to securely capture credit card details 


Internal Bookings

Empower central reservations to easily access and book across all your properties


Guest Notes

Share knowledge seamlessly among your staff.


Request Management

Capture availability requests when you’re fully booked.


Predictive Waitlist Timing

Take the guesswork out of accommodating walk-ins.


Pre-Service Summary Reports

Ensure everyone’s in the know about who’s coming in and what the shift looks like


Mobile Order & Pay

Keep orders flowing with safe and simple on-premise ordering.
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Fill tables, reduce no-shows and showcase your brand.



Make waiting more engaging — let guests join the waitlist from anywhere.

“We do 4,000 covers a night. To be able to see who’s who and get them back in the door has had a big impact on our service. Being able to share guest data across properties helps us treat guests completely differently than before.”

Al Rajan, Director of Restaurant Operations


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