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Review Management Software for Online Review Aggregation

Restaurant reputation management is easy when all your reviews are in one place

All-in-One Review Management

Manage all of your restaurant’s reviews in one place. With SevenRooms, it’s easy to keep your finger on the pulse of your guest experience with aggregated reviews from Google, Facebook, Yelp, Grubhub, Seamless, Tripadvisor and your own direct feedback surveys. Bring more customers back by identifying and addressing potential weak spots, while taking full advantage of the parts of your guest experience people rave about.

A snapshot of the SevenRooms Review Management Platform showcasing a chart of aggregated reviews and while highlighting a positive restaurant review written on Google.

Link reviews to guest profiles

Our restaurant review management software does more than just let you read reviews. SevenRooms goes further by enabling you to link online reviews to specific reservations and guest profiles in seconds. That means you’ll know in advance the next time a positive or negative reviewer walks through the door, so you can tailor your customer service appropriately.

A snapshot example of a guest profile review on the SevenRooms review management software.

Restaurant reputation management dashboard & reporting

Track and analyze restaurant guest sentiment trends with ease. SevenRooms layers guest review feedback with reservation and order data to create a totally new data set that helps you identify trends and identify critical service patterns. Making restaurant reputation management easier than ever, you can filter and sort by date range, rating and review platform. Don’t want to log in to view a dashboard? No problem. We’ll send you everything you need to know in a daily email summary that shows new reviews from the past 24 hours.

A snapshot of the Daily Summary Review report in the SevenRooms review aggregation platform

All the reputation management tools you need to succeed.

At the core of the SevenRooms platform is the world’s best hospitality CRM software for restaurants — but that’s just the beginning. We help you build relationships before guests even enter your space, and we ensure you stay top of mind as you strengthen your connection and bring guests back again and again. The best part: It’s all automated.


Automated, Direct Feedback Surveys

Capture customer feedback fast — and first, before it’s posted online.


Text Search

Quickly find and reference the right restaurant reviews.


Reporting & Dashboards

Unlock powerful insights into guest sentiment.


Profile Linking

Easily segment your clientele by identifying positive and negative reviewers.


Daily Feedback Summary Emails

An aggregated snapshot of guest satisfaction. 

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CRM & Guest Profiles

A 360-degree view of every guest’s on- and off-premise interactions.


Guest Feedback

Capture feedback fast and first — before it’s posted online.

“With SevenRooms’ online review tracking tool, we get an aggregated summary of guest reviews across all channels on a daily basis. This has proven to be an incredible guest recovery and retention opportunity for our business.

Chris Hall, Vice President & COO


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