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Data & Dollars: Revealing the Impact of Third-Party Marketplaces

SevenRooms report reveals the true cost of third-party delivery platforms and consumer motivations to order direct.

At a time when every penny of revenue is crucial, operators could save upwards of tens of thousands of dollars a month on third-party delivery commissions by turning on direct channels. And this is not even counting the opportunity costs from losing guest data and the marketing opportunities that go with it. But are consumers aware of the impact of third-party delivery platforms on restaurants? And how are they motivated to support their favorite restaurants throughout this time?

SevenRooms divulges these findings in its latest report, "Data & Dollars: Revealing the Impact of Third-Party Marketplaces."

The report highlights key data including:

Download the report to learn more about the benefits of direct online ordering solutions, the real impact of third-party platforms to restaurants and consumer motivations to help.


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