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Success Story / August 30, 2022

Fire & Vine Hospitality Leverages Data to Deliver Memorable Customer Experiences

Fire & Vine Hospitality owns and operates some of the most iconic restaurants and resorts across the Pacific Northwest. With an eye towards expansion, CEO Chad Mackay sought an enterprise-scale technology partner that could help them streamline operations and deliver exceptional guest experiences across a growing number of properties.

Luckily, SevenRooms’ guest experience & retention platform integrated seamlessly with the group’s existing tech stack, including Oracle’s MICROS Simphony point of sale system. This real-time, two-way POS integration unlocked access to itemized spend history on guest profiles and live spend monitoring during service, making guest engagement and table management easier and more efficient, as well as providing valuable insights to supercharge their Revelers Club loyalty program.

In this video case study, hear from Mackay about why “data is worth gold” and how implementing SevenRooms technology in their restaurants has allowed Fire & Vine Hospitality to:

  • Automatically build robust guest profiles that are accessible across all properties
  • Leverage SevenRooms’ seamless integration with their POS system to attach, track and log guest spend in real-time
  • Provide exceptional, data-driven hospitality to each and every guest