SevenRooms + Square for Restaurants point-of-sale integration. Experience the benefits of guest & spend details when and where you need them.
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Create exceptional experiences that boost profitability and repeat business

Have guest and spend details everywhere you need them, from number of visits to their preferred type of wine. Guest profiles will build themselves automatically. It’s your data, and we’re here to empower you to use it.
Real-time itemized spend data
Historical spend and lifetime value metrics
Auto-tag creation, triggered by guest spend
Guest and reservation details displayed directly on the check

From floor manager to hostess, make life easier for your entire staff

Eliminate repetitive tasks, and put the focus back on delivering personalized service and driving higher check size. Get your newest staff members familiar with your most tenured regulars in an instant. At a glance, enjoy full floor visibility in SevenRooms and important guest details in Square.
Seat a reservation and have checks automatically created
Ensure 100% accuracy with check auto-linking
Self-updating table statuses, including when paid
Guest and reservation details available with just a tap
Intuitive customer matching between systems
Photo of the rating
Photo of the rating

An integration built 100% for you

Discover all the ways to help grow your covers and create more regulars. SevenRooms + Square for Restaurants means more guests through your doors… not some marketplace.
Big spender hasn’t visited in awhile? Seamlessly use check spend data to target specific guests with automated emails to bring them back.
Happy hour coming up? In seconds, invite all of your ‘Wine Lovers’ who’ve automatically been labeled based on historical check spend data.
Unlimited ways to leverage your data to bring guests back through your doors, automatically.