Marketing Automation

Bring in more customers, more often — automatically

Give your team the marketing tools to engage every guest, grow and measure incremental sales without lifting a finger using email marketing automation.
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Drive marketing ROI and tie email performance to revenue

Connect email campaigns with real business outcomes and increase the return on investment from your marketing programs.
Monitor KPIs like email opens and clicks, reservations, orders and campaign revenue.
Optimize email marketing campaigns based on guest engagement and POS sales data.
Calculate marketing ROI, improve profitability and reduce customer acquisition costs.

Automate personal touches that make each guest feel special 

Automatically re-engage guests with more than 13 industry-tested automated emails designed to bring guests in again and again. Get creative by adding your own custom emails into the mix.
Send the right email to the right guest at the right time with detailed segmentation based on guest behavior, preferences and history.
Create segmented marketing lists for audience groups, like "wine lovers" or "Tuesday regulars."
Personally engage guests with special email outreach from your GM, owner or chef.
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Put your data to work to grow sales, even while you’re sleeping 

As your guest database grows, so do your incremental sales. Remind customers what they love about your brand and nurture guest relationships using automated email marketing campaigns.
Drive more sales, incremental visits and orders with personalized, GDPR-compliant email automation. 
Identify and engage targeted audience segments, like lapsed guests or first timers. 
Cross-promote sister properties or brand experiences using automation.

“Adding SevenRooms preset campaigns to our email marketing strategy has been a huge timesaver for our staff and allows us to treat every guest like a VIP. We love the professional approach of the emails; they’re well thought out and are a good representation of our brand.”

David Haffner, Brodeur’s Bistro

“As a company, we really focus on personalising the guest journey on- and offline. SevenRooms gives us the opportunity to do that. We can leverage guest insights and data based on recency, frequency, value and purchase behaviour. And the segmentation that is possible through condition-based auto- tags is a game changer for us in terms of marketing.”

Dayle O’Hara, Fazenda

“SevenRooms allows us to learn about our guests before, during and after their experience – and that’s awesome. It’s enabled us to start taking a whole new approach to targeted marketing.”

Rob McGovern, Director of F&B, IGC Hospitality

“I love the SevenRooms philosophy that it’s our guests, our data. We have over 1 million clients in our CRM database now, and the ability to engage with them before, during, and after every dining experience.”

Ashley Keeney, Director of Administration, Mina

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The Restaurateur’s Guide to Marketing Automation

To run a financially successful restaurant business, marketing efforts are not just crucial to attracting new customers, but they also play a critical role in turning first-time guests into loyal regulars.

86 the manual effort, keep the personal flavor

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