Private Line

Give VIPs & regulars a direct line

Offer guests direct access to your team for reservations or special requests via text, while giving your internal team visibility into every conversation.
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Give your most loyal guests an easy way to get in touch

Make your most important guests feel special and boost loyalty by giving them access to a private SMS line they can text for bookings or questions.
Open a private SMS line for your most important guests that’s linked to your CRM and booking tools.
Control access to guest SMS conversations by granting specific staff members access.

Centralize VIP communication and relations in one system

Give select restaurant staff shared access to guest conversations so everyone’s in the know and can easily manage guest relations.
Have text conversations with guests in the SevenRooms mobile app.  
Efficiently book VIPs in seconds without jumping across apps.
Easily access guest profiles with visit and spend history so you know their relationship with your brand.
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Integrate VIP communication channels with your CRM

“Being able to share guest data across properties helps us treat guests completely different than before. We do 4,000 covers a night. To be able to see who’s who and get them back in the door has had a big impact on our service.”

Al Rajan, Director of Restaurant Operations, MLSE

4kCovers Per Night
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VIP Playbook: How to Identify & Keep Your Most Valuable Diners

Unveil the secrets to mastering VIP hospitality and get actionable tools and strategies to better identify and nurture valuable guest relationships.

Give your high value guests the attention they deserve

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