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Restaurant business intelligence that serves value

Better understand your business (at one location or many) with our friendly restaurant reporting tools that look at trends across guest relations, reservations, sales and more.
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Analyze your business with a consolidated view of data across properties and channels

Quickly get a holistic look at restaurant performance and get into the nitty-gritty details of your guest data in one easy-to-use reporting tool.
Get actionable sales, marketing and service insights that can be easily exported and integrated into all of your business systems.
Compare current and historical sales data across venues to find areas for improvement.
Explore 50+ restaurant metrics like cancellation and no-show rates, repeat visit percentage, spend patterns, promotions and more.
Drill down into detailed metrics with flexible filtering and dashboard visualizations by venue or group.

Plan better shifts and identify gaps in reservations with real-time venue snapshots

Plan staffing or get a quick view of how your book is shaping up for a shift based on bookings and cancellation rates. Then take action, like sending a promotional email or strategically adjusting availability.
Use the “Booked By” report to understand which booking channels are the most effective.
See venue performance and upcoming reservations in a daily snapshot report for individual restaurants or groups.
Identify gaps in your book and immediately send promotions or re-allocate staff.
photo of reporting dashboard
photo of reporting dashboard

Get your team on the same page with tailored business analytics, delivered to your inbox

Digging in spreadsheets and combing through dozens of different tools to find data isn't fun. Easily filter, schedule and send reports to key members of your team in minutes.
Filter, save and send reports as one-off or recurring reports to key team members.
Instantly see how venue bookings compare to historical sales data to make sure reservations are on track.
Dive into cancellation and no-show rates by venue or timeframe to identify root causes and implement booking policies or deposit requirements.

“[With] SevenRooms, it’s my customer service and marketing manager[s] from the restaurant family all having one conversation around one bit of information instead of everyone trying to pull data from different directions. I don’t have to have a data analyst involved at all. It’s all at the click of a button. The ability to get the reporting on a global scale then break it down drives a lot of our thinking.”

Robert Squillacioti, Chief Marketing Officer, Solotel

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Discover the benefits of leaning into restaurant data analytics and ways you can leverage it to enhance the guest experience.

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