Table Management

Turn your floorplan into a sales plan

Efficiently prepare your team, seat guests, turn tables and consistently serve up personalized experiences with the industry's leading table management software.
photo of table management
Photo of table management

Take the guesswork out of front-of-house operations

Our table management software takes care of table assignments, wait times, and turns — optimizing your floorplan for efficiency. Run consistent service and manage reservations, walk-ins and guest conversations from one place.
Leave the optimization to us. Our AI-driven seating algorithm considers 10,000+ combinations every second so your staff can focus on welcoming guests.
Set up predictive waitlists that guests can track to take the heat off FOH staff.
Manage reservations, waitlists, guestlist and online orders right from one place: your host station tablet.
Track table statuses and real-time spend on the floor so managers and servers know where to focus.

Get real-time guest data and alerts to identify moments for hospitality

Make every guest feel at home and enable your team to provide personalized service — at a single venue or across a global portfolio. With actionable, 360° guest profiles, staff can easily identify regulars, high spenders, reviewers and first-timers to tailor every experience.
Tap into 65+ POS integrations to attach order history and spend data to guest profiles and see updates in real time.
Alert staff to time-sensitive updates including check-ins, new reservations and cancellations with push notifications.
Customize the guest experience with 360° guest profiles that track everything from allergies to order preferences with Auto-tags, custom guest tags and reservation notes.
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Photo of notifications

Keep in touch with guests via a centralized texting system

Give your guests a direct line to your front-of-house staff so they can easily reach out and give you an update on their status.
Let your team easily confirm reservation status or guests note that they’re running late via SMS texting.
Build stronger relationships with budding VIPs using tech that supports direct messaging at scale.
Centralize guest SMS communication in one place. 

Hold detailed pre-service huddles, no prep necessary

Prep your team with up-to-date info on upcoming shifts with pre-shift reports that include everything that matters to you, from VIPs to reservations to special requests and more.
Use grid view to plan out shifts and improve the flow of service.
Pull real-time, customizable pre-shift reports so you can plan ahead and over-deliver.
Adjust predefined filters to quickly identify VIP experiences, special parties and celebrations, then plan to give them a table touch.
Keep track of every guest coming in during the next shift, their reservation notes, profile notes and tags all in one easy-to-read view.
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“We do 4,000 covers a night. To be able to see who’s who and get them back in the door has had a big impact on our service. Being able to share guest data across properties helps us treat guests completely differently than before.”

Al Rajan, Director of Restaurant Operations, MLSE

“We come from high-volume, walk-in restaurants where every seat is full, all the time. As soon as we saw how SevenRooms’ auto-seating algorithm could help us fill the restaurant and turn tables more efficiently than we could, we knew we had to use it. Add on the marketing capabilities and feedback aggregation, and the system has been a game-changer for us.”

Nick Ingall, Operations Manager, The Apollo Restaurant

“One thing that’s been massive, really game-changing for us is the ability to create our own table statuses. For instance, we have one called Last Round, so we know if we need to go around and say to people, ‘Your reservation is ending in 30 minutes, so drink up!’ Little things like that have helped service and the host team on-site immeasurably.”

Layla Doone, Reservations & Booking Manager, Flat Iron Square

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