Turning a Meal into an Experience

Jun 11, 2018

Turning a Meal into an Experience

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Turning a Meal into an Experience

U.S. consumers now spend more money on dining out than they do on groceries. This staggering shift has resulted in diner expectations for restaurants that are about more than just the food on our plates. From personalized experiences to Instagram-friendly dishes and decor, diners want their meal to be a memorable experience.

But what does that mean for restaurants? SevenRooms’ recently released study, Turning a Meal into an Experience, aimed to answer that critical question. The study surveyed 1,108 individuals and was conducted online by independent research firm YouGov.

The study revealed that today’s guests crave personalization, tailored recommendations and unique experiences, and these factors are proving to be critical in turning a one-time guest into a frequent visitor.

Key findings include:

Over half (51%) of Americans state that a waiter/waitress simply remembering them from a previous visit would make their dining out experience more memorable.
Twenty-two percent of Americans have gone to a restaurant based on what the food or atmosphere looked like on social media.
One in three (35%) Americans say a complimentary glass of wine with their meal would make their dining experience stand out.
One in three (33%) Americans wouldn’t return if they felt the waiter/waitress didn’t pay attention to their preferences.

This report offers can’t miss information for restaurants looking to take advantage of the experiential economy and stand out in an increasingly crowded dining landscape. Get your copy today.

Research Methodology

SevenRooms commissioned YouGov PLC – a third party, professional research and consulting organization – to poll the views of 1,108 individuals who agreed to take part. Fieldwork was undertaken online between April 3-4, 2018. The figures have been weighted and are representative of all US adults (aged 18+).

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