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Connect with more guests online, grow sales and optimize reservations with the restaurant industry’s leading reservation and waitlist software.

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Book more reservations without paying commission fees

91% of guests discover restaurants from commission-free marketing channels. Book reservations from your website and reach more guests online by tapping into the world's most popular search, social media and marketing channels through SevenRooms, without paying cover fees.
Meet billions of guests online by integrating with Google, Facebook, Instagram and a global network of third-party booking channels.
Elevate your unique brand with customized reservation widgets across your website.
Offer online reservations in fourteen different languages.
Capture detailed guest data like birthdays and dietary restrictions to fuel your CRM.

Increase sales and profitability by upselling 24/7

Accelerate growth and open new streams of revenue by offering special experiences, like chef’s tasting menus, or events, like live music.
Offer prepaid upgrades or reservation add-ons like welcome drinks or personalized cake.
Add unique dining experiences and events within the guest booking flow.
Accept PCI-compliant digital payments for all your online sales including events and large groups.
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Fill last-minute cancellations without lifting a finger

Capitalize on excess demand by automatically filling seats with high-value guests by sending out alerts when you get cancellations.
Have a packed reservation book? Give guests the option to get notified as soon as a slot opens up with Priority Alerts.
Set up tiered reservation access and notify your most high-value guests like VIPs or regulars first.
Implement booking policies and deposits to reduce last-minute cancellations.

Keep bookings in the family

Share reservation data and table inventory across your portfolio by automatically offering tables at nearby sister venues, keeping guests in your ecosystem and away from the competition.
Use a multi-venue booking experience to enable guests to see availability across all of your properties in one single search
Cross-sell and upsell reservations, tickets and events between properties in your ecosystem.
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Manage walk-ins seamlessly while delivering accurate wait times

Accommodate walk-ins or last-minute bookings by letting guests join a virtual waitlist and reduce abandonment rates with accurate wait times.
Seamlessly manage walk-ins and reservations from a single view with a fully integrated Table Management system.
Notify guests of their spot in line via real-time updates.
Share your waitlist via QR code or Google Reserve to capitalize on foot traffic and peak times.
Better understand who's in your waitlist queue and prioritize high-value guests.

Keep up with guests before, during and after service

Use automated emails and text messages to send booking reminders and surveys to stay in touch and build better relationships.
Use personalized booking reminders and two-way SMS to make sure guests show up.
Send automated feedback surveys to capture guest sentiment.
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“We’ve been able to reduce our fees by over 50%. We serve nearly a million customers annually, so those dollars add up. If I look at reservations booked through our website directly, with SevenRooms powering our booking widget and helping us drive clients to our website, we’ve seen bookings through our websites are at about 35-40%.”

Arthur Li, Altamarea Group

"The ROI from SevenRooms was greater than we imagined. With SevenRooms, we were able to reduce the costs associated with third-party booking fees and the cost of staffing our reservations team by more than half. There is no other system on the market that could have gotten us these results, and we certainly couldn’t have done it alone."

Louisa Gavin-Cowan, Group Reservation & Communications Manager, Zuma

“As a company, we really focus on personalising the guest journey on and offline. SevenRooms gives us the opportunity to do that. We can leverage guest insights and data based on recency, frequency, value and purchase behaviour. And the segmentation that is possible through condition-based auto-tags is a game changer for us in terms of marketing.”

Dayle O’Hara, Fazenda

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