Revenue Management

Put restaurant growth on autopilot

Tap into actionable insights that help your restaurant prioritize growth and operate efficiently. Our tools analyze data and make recommendations, you just approve and watch more money roll in.

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Uncover incremental revenue by implementing insights that make you more money

Save hours of data analysis and let us do the work for you. Our revenue management tools alert you to restaurant performance and give suggestions for improvements you can implement right away.
See easy-to-digest business insights along with ready-to-use actions based on proven strategies from top SevenRooms users.
Hit revenue goals with tailored takeaways and recommendations for growth.
Have a SevenRooms product expert implement changes for you.
Access supporting data to validate suggestions.

Use data science to squeeze profits from your floorplan and reservation book

Increase covers and reduce cancellations by following our suggestions. Our platform analyzes your data to optimize your sales and reservation book.
Optimize your reservation book using data-science, to turn tables quickly.
Strategically discover opportunities to optimize both busy and slow times.
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Drive measurable revenue with data-backed marketing suggestions

Gain more repeat customers and boost profitability by implementing hyper-personalized guest experiences and marketing strategies in a few clicks.
Uncover opportunities to offer add-ons or experiences and capture upfront revenue.
Turn up repeat business with a library of automated emails based on best practices.

“We come from high-volume, walk-in restaurants where every seat is full, all the time. As soon as we saw how SevenRooms’ auto-seating algorithm could help us fill the restaurant and turn tables more efficiently than we could, we knew we had to use it. Add on the marketing capabilities and feedback aggregation, and the system has been a game-changer for us.”

Nick Ingall, Operations Manager, The Apollo Restaurant

“Being able to share guest data across properties helps us treat guests completely different than before. We do 4,000 covers a night. To be able to see who’s who and get them back in the door has had a big impact on our service.”

Al Rajan, Director of Restaurant Operations, MLSE

“We’ve been able to reduce our fees by over 50%. We serve nearly a million customers annually, so those dollars add up. If I look at reservations booked through our website directly, with SevenRooms powering our booking widget and helping us drive clients to our website, we’ve seen bookings through our websites are at about 35-40%.”

Arthur Li, CFO, Altamarea Group

“The combination of SevenRooms Email Marketing and Automated Emails makes guests feel very connected with us. Being able to choose who our emails are going to — a specific customer segment or broadcasting to our whole database — makes the process a lot simpler.”

Alyssa Fenu, Sales & Marketing Manager, Mango's Tropical Café

“As a company, we really focus on personalising the guest journey on- and offline. SevenRooms gives us the opportunity to do that. We can leverage guest insights and data based on recency, frequency, value and purchase behaviour. And the segmentation that is possible through condition-based auto- tags is a game changer for us in terms of marketing.”

Dayle O’Hara, Marketing Manager, Fazenda

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Restaurant Revenue Management Strategies to Maximize Every Shift

To survive in this turbulent economy, you need adaptable strategies that go beyond a one-size-fits-all approach to making money.

SevenRooms is like having a data analyst, financial consultant and marketing whiz by your side at all times

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