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The Ultimate Email Marketing Guide for Restaurants

Feb 27, 2023

The Ultimate Email Marketing Guide for Restaurants

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The Ultimate Email Marketing Guide for Restaurants

Whether you work with one restaurant or 25, building a successful email marketing strategy is a lot of work. But the juice is worth the squeeze because email marketing is one of the most lucrative marketing channels for restaurants.

Over the past few years, the rise of digital booking and ordering has changed the way consumers engage with restaurants. There is now a higher expectation for personalized service and communication. Your customers want to hear from you, but the old “one-size-fits-all” approach to email won’t cut it.

We created this guide to help you build a restaurant email marketing program that will elevate the guest experience, drive incremental revenue, generate loyalty and repeat business, and help you prove the value of your marketing efforts.

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Email Marketing 101

Uncover the best practices of launching a restaurant email marketing program from start to finish with real examples to use for inspiration.

Benefits of Email Marketing for Restaurants
How to Choose an Email Marketing Platform
How to Build a Quality Email List
Tips for Launching an Email Marketing Campaign
Email Marketing Templates & Inspiration

Email Marketing 102

Learn how to track, measure and improve your email marketing performance and ensure your campaigns are in compliance with email marketing regulations.

Tracking Email Metrics & ROI
Email Marketing Compliance
Auditing Your Email Marketing Program

Restaurant Email Marketing FAQs

How Can Restaurants Use Email Marketing?

Restaurants can use email marketing to drive incremental revenue, keep in touch with guests, stay top of mind and manage both positive and negative feedback.

Why is Email Marketing Important for Restaurants?

Email marketing is a powerful communication tool that allows restaurants to engage guests before and after they visit your restaurant or order online. Email marketing also has the highest ROI compared to other marketing channels.

How Often Should a Restaurant Send Emails?

How often you send emails depends upon the type of email and the goal. For example, you might send a restaurant newsletter weekly or monthly but automated emails based on a guest’s transaction (i.e. reservation confirmation or online order) could be sent every time the guest does business with your venue.

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