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F&B Marketing for Locals

Jan 27, 2020

F&B Marketing for Locals

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F&B Marketing for Locals

Guests at hotels spend 48+ billion dollars each year on dining at restaurants, bars, banquets, and room service during their stay.

Hotels are uniquely positioned to capitalize on their food & beverage outlets by tapping on locals — and they’re starting to already. 40% of hotel owners say they plan to increase F&B square footage in the next year.

The key is to target an often overlooked audience that is less transient than a hotel guest and has the potential to become a repeat guest at your F&B outlet: locals.

Check out our free playbook to understand why locals matter to hotel businesses and to learn:

7 tangible benefits that locals provide in comparison to travelers
How to create a distinct online presence — from your website to social media and search engine marketing
6 actionable strategies that attract locals
How to geo-target your messaging.

Fill out the form on this page to access our guide, “Hotel F&B: Local Marketing – Unleash the Revenue Potential of Locals” and start leveraging F&B engage locals.

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