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The Buyer’s Guide to Hotel F&B Software

Jan 27, 2020

The Buyer’s Guide to Hotel F&B Software

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The Buyer’s Guide to Hotel F&B Software

On-site food and beverage outlets are becoming an increasingly important part of hotels’ revenue management, marketing, and guest loyalty strategies. With F&B investments and traffic on the rise, hoteliers are looking for ways to integrate bars and restaurants into their technology stacks.

Drawing on our experience working with leading hotel brands around the world, SevenRooms has created this guide to help you identify F&B software that supports the sophisticated data needs of a hotel. In The Buyer’s Guide to Hotel F&B Software, you’ll learn:

How to integrate F&B data into your tech stack
Which software features help you personalize F&B service and elevate operations
How your hotel can use F&B data to increase revenue, occupancy, and repeat visits

With this guide, you’ll be able to not only use F&B to elevate and distinguish your brand, personalize service across properties, and create impactful new marketing campaigns. You’ll gain a comprehensive view of your guests—turning your bars and restaurants from amenities into core revenue drivers.

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