Optimize Labor & Boost Revenue with Guest Data & Automation

Jul 12, 2021

Optimize Labor & Boost Revenue with Guest Data & Automation

In partnership with Restaurant Business

Do you own your guest data? Are you ready to use data to automate manual processes and drive more revenue?

Join us on July 28th as SevenRooms’ CEO, Joel Montaniel, and Mina Group President, Patric Yumul, discuss the next generation of hospitality. During this virtual fireside chat, we will cover the importance of using your guest data to automate day-to-day operational and marketing tasks, empowering your team to do more without adding any headcount. Additionally, we’ll cover how guest data unlocks opportunities to offer consistent, personalized customer service and drive repeat business, automatically.

Plus, learn how industry leader, Mina Group, has ushered in the next generation of hospitality experiences and uses guest data and automation strategies to positively impact their bottom line.

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