Webinar: How To Connect F&B Data To Your Hotel CRM

Oct 28, 2019

Webinar: How To Connect F&B Data To Your Hotel CRM

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Webinar: How To Connect F&B Data To Your Hotel CRM

Data from a food and beverage (F&B) outlet is some of the richest, most actionable customer information available to a hotel. So why are relatively few hotels able to combine it with their CRMs and build global guest profiles?

F&B data is a perfect complement to the information stored in a hotel CRM. It fleshes out the profile of a guest, helping hotels discover preferences and tailor experiences in remarkable ways. Plus, integrating the datasets allows hotels to leverage the F&B interaction itself—a very human touchpoint between a customer and a brand—as an opportunity to gather data that will personalize service, marketing, offers, and everything else.

In this webinar, SevenRooms Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer Allison Page joins Casey Munck, Cendyn’s Director of Marketing for Eat, Sleep, Repeat: How to Leverage F&B Data to Win Loyal Customers for Life. 

You will:

Learn how to build single source of truth global guest profiles incorporating F/B purchases, preferences and more
Understand what learning about a hotel guest through their dining experiences can mean for future marketing
Dig into the personalization opportunities available when you use your hotel’s food and beverage outlets to gain guest data points and preferences
See how to integrate guest F&B data points into service and marketing across the entire guest experience at your hotel property and locations worldwide

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