A Day in the Life: International Support Goes to London

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May 18, 2022

A Day in the Life: International Support Goes to London

As a 7Roomie based in Spain, going to London for our belated holiday party was already very exciting. Not only was I going to meet our UK colleagues and friends, many for the first time, but also get to spend some valuable face-to-face time with both customers and our team. 

As some of our international readers may know, for the past three years my colleague Ro and I have been on the frontlines of EMEA support at SevenRooms, helping our clients through their product questions and solving whatever challenges they may have. Whether they have talked with us once or have had a variety of questions over the years, we’ve been lucky to create strong, trustworthy bonds with many of them. This was especially true as they navigated the pandemic over the last two years. 

Knowing that we would finally get to see where the action takes place now that almost every restriction has been lifted in the UK was a once-in-a-lifetime experience for me. From the moment we arrived in town to the day we left, the experience was even more mind-blowing with every minute. 

In what we came to realize was a rare occurrence, London was exceptionally sunny and warm throughout our entire trip. We were delighted to get to experience some of the best restaurants and bars across London, while experiencing some of the best weather in months. The highlight was visiting our favorite SevenRooms customers, meeting their staff and going through the guest experience ourselves. 

Check out some of my favourite client pictures and experiences below! 


We kicked off our London tour at Cahoots, where Chiara, one of Inception Group’s reservationists, gave us a tour around the venue. We got to see the famous vintage-style speakeasy set to look like a disused underground station and try some of their magnificent cocktails. My favorite was the Judy Garland, but the Winston Churchill glass beat all. 

Mr Fogg’s Tavern 

While in London, we also visited another of Inception Group’s exquisite cocktail bars, Mr Fogg’s Tavern. The staff were very friendly and welcomed us with smiles, even though they didn’t know we were undercover 7Roomies. In the end, I revealed my identity and they were thrilled about it! 

La Bodega Negra

During the trip, we met up with Oz and Chiara from Inception Group for dinner at one of the most well-known places in London’s Soho area — La Bodega Negra. From the outside, you would never guess it’s a restaurant. However, downstairs you’ll discover a great place to grab a bite, dance, and enjoy a good Margarita. Sorry, no pictures this time!

Mr Fogg’s Society of Exploration 

While at dinner, Oz, Inception Group’s Reservations Manager, invited us to explore another of their storied venues, Mr Fogg’s Society of Exploration. While she introduced us to the staff, she told us about the concept of the group and the meticulous details to make each visit unique. Mr Fogg was the protagonist in Jules Verne’s 1873 novel, Around the World in Eighty Days, who embarked upon a storied journey around the world. I was most impressed by the mechanical mixologist, which was designed as an experience-driven invention that enables patrons to watch their Negroni being made in front of their eyes. This venue is a must-see in London, especially for travel and Victorian-style lovers!

As a foodie and brunch lover, I couldn’t leave town without making a few extra stops…  

Langan’s Brasserie

Before stepping through the front doors, I wasn’t aware that Langan’s Brasserie was the place to see and be seen for many international stars in the 70’s and 80’s including Elizabeth Taylor, Marlon Brandon, Mick Jagger, and Jack Nicholson. In fact, it was once owned by world-renowned celebrity, Michael Caine. 

During my visit, I met Natalia and Michele, who made sure that I had a great time at the venue. Not only did I have an amazing English breakfast, but was also able to experience their breakfast shift flowing into lunch around midday. New guests arrived and mingled with the late brunchers like me. Meanwhile, staff members came from the kitchen bringing delicious dishes, such as their famous beef tartare to be served at tables laid with fine china atop white tablecloths. The atmosphere reflected the restaurant’s intimate connection to the worlds of cinema, music, and art. 

On my way out, I could not resist taking a selfie in their beautiful pink toilette, which apparently is quite famous as well! 

Dishoom Kensington

I spotted Dishoom Kensington right around the corner from my accommodation and couldn’t wait to stop in. I’ll never forget the emotion I felt to see a familiar name (and SevenRooms client!), and this was just the start of my journey. 

During my trip, I had the chance to visit the venue and try some of their well-known dishes, including the Black Daal and Chicken Ruby. It seems like the perfect place to go with friends and have a nice Indian meal. The atmosphere is very relaxed and the staff is extremely friendly. I was told that people usually wait in line for hours to get in. Fortunately, we have a waitlist in place that made it easy for me to snag a table! 

My favorite part about the group is that for every meal ordered at one of their Dishoom locations, another meal is donated to children in need. 

The Wolseley

While wandering down the high street on my Sunday walk, I happened to come upon another SevenRooms client, The Wolseley. I went inside and they added me to the waitlist, as it was fully booked due to Mother’s day. While I was waiting, Michele, the reservationist, mentioned that the iPad was having a technical issue, so I helped him with some troubleshooting steps.

Just a typical live episode of Sundays at Support!! This made my day, and I felt like a real superhero.  

Eventually, my table was ready and I tried their famous Eggs Benedict. I can’t wait to come back!

Bala Baya

I had promised Carl that I would come one day and try Bala Baya’s amazing hummus. Finally, the day had come. It was probably one of the most rewarding work experiences I ever had, as I truly believe that this venue and I grew together in SevenRooms. 

The staff welcomed me with an exquisite lunch. I was impressed with this gesture, but mostly because everyone knew my name and who I was. At that moment, I realized how much all those emails, calls, and Strategy Sessions had helped them along the years and the impact of my daily tasks on other people’s jobs.

By the way, the signature dishes were great, a total must for Israeli food lovers. 

Soon they’ll be opening a new venue in Covent Garden, which will, of course, use SevenRooms, because they love our system at their current property. 

OXO Tower

I still remember the emotion I felt when OXO Tower signed with us. I’ve always loved their views of London and I truly consider it an iconic landmark in the London skyline. I knew I had to stop there, so before heading to the airport I popped in for a quick coffee and a glimpse of London from above. 

Though it was very unplanned, I had the chance to meet Christy and her team. Not only did she mention how much she loves SevenRooms, but also what a great Customer Support team we’ve got. I gave her my word that I would let the team know. So, kudos to Support!! 

During my visit to London, I ran into many other familiar names. I might not have collected any Pokemons, but I did bring home several pictures.

I must confess that it took me a few days to overcome the excitement of this experience, asimílate all the learnings, and acknowledge how our daily tasks, even the smallest ones, add to the bigger picture of the international dining scene. 

When reflecting back, I can only say I feel truly grateful for being part of the SevenRooms family. 

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