Ten Years of Innovation: Reintroducing SevenRooms

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Jul 14, 2021

Ten Years of Innovation: Reintroducing SevenRooms

Ten years ago, Allison, Kinesh and I founded SevenRooms. Our vision for the company was simple: to help operators collect, own, and leverage their guest data. When we started, the systems powering the hospitality industry – an industry that prides itself on knowing the little details about its guests – did not track guest data. We knew there was a better way forward. We were confident that if we could give hospitality operators greater access to data, we could help them make better business decisions while creating more personalized experiences for their guests.  

We also knew in order to truly serve operators, we would need to build a company that was 100% aligned to the needs of the operator and exclusively focused on their success. This meant a model where operators owned their guest data, and where they were not solely reliant on third-party platforms to build relationships with their guests. We had seen countless companies in our space rise and fall, all with a focus on a consumer solution to an operator problem, and we knew there was a different path forward, one we would have to create, as a technology company that put the operator first.  

This week, we debuted a new website, reflecting the ten years of innovation that now encompass the industry’s first and only Guest Experience and Retention platform. We hope you’ll take some time to explore our new and improved site, and learn more about how far the SevenRooms platform has come over the last decade. Evolving from an idea to give operators more access to guest data to a fully integrated platform during the last decade, we know our role in the hospitality industry is more critical today than ever before.

Now, you may be asking, what is a Guest Experience and Retention platform? Built on the world’s most robust CRM, our platform helps operators acquire, engage and retain more guests. We give them a proven strategy for success – combining data, personalization and automation into one powerful platform. We provide the tools they need to automate labor-intensive processes so they can focus on the human side of hospitality. 

“We give operators a proven strategy for success – combining data, personalization and automation into one powerful platform.”
Joel Montaniel
ceo & Founder

SevenRooms is the only end-to-end platform purpose-built to help hospitality operators create exceptional experiences that boost profitability and repeat business. Our platform enables operators to streamline on- and off-premise operations and automate marketing that brings guests back more often. At the heart of the platform are 360-degree guest profiles that build themselves, helping make better service easier for every team member. 

Most importantly, we put this data to work automatically for operators, without the need for additional headcount or special expertise. Our automated marketing tools help build direct relationships with guests to generate more repeat visits and orders automatically, without paying a third-party marketplace. In fact, in 2020 alone we generated over $100M of incremental revenue for our operator partners, dollars that went back into their pockets at a time when they needed it most. 

From day one, our biggest successes have been the wins – both big and small – of our operators. We’ve watched from behind host stands across the world as they’ve gained more guest data, connected more deeply with their guests, and built long-term relationships that helped them drive greater profitability. Over the last ten years, we’ve built a platform to power their success – helping them take back control of their brand, their guest relationships and their data. The need for technology to facilitate these interactions at scale is greater than ever, and our mission has never been more important. 

We have worked countless hours with operators across the globe, learning from their businesses and in awe of the work they put in to show hospitality to their guests. The past ten years have flown by, and I’m so proud of how SevenRooms has evolved to meet and exceed the needs of our operator partners. In fact, many of the features now considered ‘industry standard’ by restaurant technology companies were ideated by SevenRooms throughout its history. As we enter a new era for hospitality, I wanted to take a moment to celebrate those innovations.

2011: Launched with 360° guest profiles, connecting and sharing guest data across properties within a hospitality group. Always the default, not an innovation or new feature.
2012: Brought the front-of-house into the cloud with our iPhone and iPad app, featuring a dark user interface, which was unheard of at the time. It’s now industry standard.
2013: Originated a real-time, itemized POS integration. Today we’re directly integrated with 50+ POS systems, connecting guest profiles to spend data.
2014: Launched a global partnership with a major credit card company as the booking engine for their fine dining program – working with top restaurants globally to minimize booking friction.
2015: Developed our advanced proprietary auto-seating algorithm to maximize capacity and revenue, leading operators to see a 20% increase in revenue because of it.
2016: Rolled out an integrated events and experiences platform to offer a connected way for restaurants to manage their books while also selling reservation upgrades, tickets and custom dining experiences.
2017: Launched our multi-unit booking portal for reservation departments and call centers, allowing teams to view and book availability across a group or hotel with a single search. This led to a 250% increase in first call resolution and a 200% increase in speed to service.
2018: Became the first restaurant technology company to receive investment from Amazon – a company as obsessed and 100% focused on their customer as we are. Doubled down on our product development to address the needs of our enterprise customers, including single sign-on (SSO), custom data fields, enterprise-level user management and permissioning, group portals and robust reporting. 
2019: Debuted a first-of-its-kind marketing automation and guest engagement product, helping operators leverage automation and data to nurture guest relationships at scale.  
2020: Launched a direct online ordering solution for delivery and pick-up orders to help restaurants drive guest retention and repeat orders, automatically. All online ordering data is tied directly to guest profiles, enabling more personalized future interactions.  
2021: Introduced the most complete Guest Experience & Retention platform available on the market today.

Our new website and category are a reflection of how our company has adapted and evolved over the years. Coming out of the worst global pandemic in our lifetime, our mission hasn’t changed, just the importance of it. Now, more than ever, we believe operators should own their guest data, build direct relationships with guests and have complete control and ownership over their digital channels. This is possible with SevenRooms’ Guest Experience and Retention platform. 

Today, we work with companies of all shapes and sizes — restaurants, nightclubs and bars, hotels, sports and entertainment venues, membership clubs and wineries and breweries. Our platform is used in 250 cities across the globe by thousands of enterprises, groups and independent operators, and we’re just warming up. Ten years in it is still “Day 1” for us and we are still 100% focused on you — the operator. Thank you to our customers, team and investors for supporting us along the way.

I hope you’ll join us on this journey as we continue to innovate within the hospitality industry. If you’re interested in learning more about SevenRooms, I invite you to schedule a time with one of our product experts. We’d love to show you the power of SevenRooms for your business. 

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Joel Montaniel, CEO & Co-Founder

P.S. I’ll be hosting a fireside chat via Restaurant Business on Wednesday, July 28th at 2pm EST with Patric Yumul, President at Mina Group titled, “Optimize Labor & Boost Revenue with Guest Data & Automation.” We hope to see you there. Register here.

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