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Enterprise Restaurants

The enterprise restaurant management tools you need to reduce waitlist abandonment, seat more guests and drive repeat business.

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Hospitality management tools built for your size and scale

From 10 locations to 10,000, our fully integrated restaurant management platform helps enterprise brands optimize digital customer acquisition, streamline on- and off-premise operations, consolidate guest data across locations and increase repeat business. 

We’ll always be a bridge, never a blocker, for your data and tech stack. We integrate with the tools you’re already using, helping you eliminate data silos and creating a holistic view of your guests to power better experiences and marketing programs.

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Own your guest data & relationships

Put your enterprise brand front and center and reduce fees from third-party booking and ordering channels.

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Maximize operational efficiency

Reduce abandonment, maximize covers, accelerate turn times and deliver consistent service.

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Unlock a 360-degree guest view

Capture and consolidate rich customer data across on- and off-premise interactions.

Your brand, your platform

As a well-known restaurant enterprise, your brand should always be at the forefront. Our white-labeled solutions let you bypass third-party platforms to eliminate additional costs and shine a direct spotlight on your brand. Plus, we make it easy to cross-promote additional brands and locations throughout your digital experience, keeping guests right where they belong — with you.

  • CheckmarkWhite-labeled waitlist, reservations and order management
  • CheckmarkGoogle and social media integrations
  • CheckmarkRobust tracking and group-level reporting
  • CheckmarkCustom experiences and add-ons

Best-in-class enterprise table management

Fill more seats and turn tables faster with SevenRooms’ restaurant enterprise software. Our front-of-house table management system supercharges your host stand by optimizing seating and equipping you with details about every guest. With accurate wait times and two-way customizable SMS messaging, your guests will show up on time, receive consistent service and leave satisfied.

  • CheckmarkPredictive waitlist
  • CheckmarkAI-powered auto-seating algorithm
  • CheckmarkReal-time POS system integration
  • CheckmarkLive spend tracking
  • CheckmarkAutomated server rotations

Understand your guests

SevenRooms automates guest data collection — and puts that data to work on your behalf. Our enterprise customer experience platform gives you complete ownership of your guest data. We track more than 100 data points, including contact details, visit/order count, personal preferences and historical spend across on- and off-premise dining. Plus, SevenRooms enables easy reporting and customer segmentation across brands, restaurants and regions.

  • CheckmarkOn- and off-premise customer data
  • CheckmarkShared guest database
  • CheckmarkStandard, custom and automated guest tags
  • CheckmarkIntegrated guest feedback

“We knew we needed a tech partner to help us streamline our operations and take our guest experience to the next level. SevenRooms is an essential component of our success.”

Jason Levinson, VP of Technology

All the tools you need to succeed.

At the core of the SevenRooms platform is the world’s best CRM software for enterprise restaurants — but that’s just the beginning. We help you build relationships before guests enter your venue, and we ensure you stay top of mind as you strengthen relationships and bring guests back. The best part: it’s all automated.


Dedicated Success Manager

A project manager to help you drive strategy and implement best practices.


Marketing Automation

Keep guests coming back without lifting a finger.

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Powerful Reporting Engines

Understand your business with detailed reports and robust data.


 Automated Guest Tags

Have a comprehensive view of your guests and their preferences.


Enterprise Pods

Maintain complete control of your front-of-house operations across your portfolio.


POS Integration for Enterprise Restaurants

A real-time view into customer spend.

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Server Rotations

Streamline table assignments for your waitstaff.


PCI-Compliant Payments

Ensure all online payments are secure.

In it together, every step of the way

The SevenRooms Customer Success team is here with you every step of the way. Our team of hospitality veterans and product experts help configure your SevenRooms system to fit your brand standards and with operational best practices in mind.


Let’s drive your business forward