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Blog / February 18, 2021

National Food Holidays: How to Celebrate & Make More Money at your Restaurant

Bianca Esmond

National food holidays give restaurants an opportunity to celebrate and capitalize on a spending trend every year with unique promotions. But it’s one thing to recognize an opportunity, and another entirely to capitalize on it. You need to know what to offer your guests, how you’ll organize logistics, and figure out how and what to charge to procure revenue upfront. Keep reading for:
  • A list of National Food Holidays throughout the entire U.S. calendar year (plus, a handy infographic to print out)
  • Ideas for food holiday promotions at your restaurant

2021 National Food Holiday Calendar

Print out this condensed food holiday calendar to spark your team’s creative juices. Scroll down for a full list of national food holidays in 2021. holiday promotions calendar Pro Tip: Choose at least one national food holiday above to celebrate and offer a unique on- or off-premise experience for it. This can be as small as a social media post or something larger that affects your restaurant’s operations, like a limited-time menu item or a ticketed virtual event with a pre-sale on your website. Want to up your Instagram game? Check out this scheduling template + 9 examples to copy right now. 

National Food Holiday Promotions: Ideas from Your Peers

New Years’ Day – January 1

  • Offer a New Year’s Day brunch for guests to nurse their hangovers, have a Mimosa or Bloody Mary (or a few), and dine on eggs, pancakes, waffles, french toast, and more.

Super Bowl Sunday — February 7th

  • Offer Super Bowl Sunday experiences on your website: have deal options that include variations of wings, nachos, pizza, and a bucket of beers
  • Offer takeaway food for guests to bring home apps like wings and nachos
  • Sell premium seating options, like the ability to reserve a table close to a TV

Valentine’s Day — February 14th

  • Give guests booking reservations the option to pre-purchase offerings for the table: rose petals, a dozen roses, chocolates, champagne, wine pairing, a parting gift, or aphrodisiac upgrades like oysters
  • Offer a Valentine’s Day-inspired dessert menu — like red velvet cake, chocolate truffles or a heart-shaped surprise
  • Create a special “rosé bubbles” menu with Dom Perignon, Ruinart, Perrier-Jouët Blason, and other special sommelier selections
  • Offer a virtual class in which couples can learn to make a heart-shaped pizza or dessert

Easter — April 4th

  • Sell an Easter basket for children as part of a brunch at your restaurant
  • Offer a Mommy/Daddy & Me cookie or egg decorating class

Mother’s Day — May 9th

  • Give families the option to treat Mom with the addition of a chocolate pairing, photo frame, or champagne flight to a Mother’s Day brunch reservation
  • Sell tickets to a prix fixe meal for the family, including free champagne for Mom
  • Create a gift basket for delivery and pickup with goodies and treats for Mom, including a gift certificate to be used for a future online order or on-premise visit

Memorial Day — May 31st | Independence Day July 4th | Labor Day — September 6th

  • Sell a “Long Weekend Picnic Essentials To-Go” package including meats, cheeses, and potato salad for those heading to the beach
  • Offer pre-packaged train, bus, or flight meals for people traveling for the holiday weekend that includes a drink, sandwich or salad, and chips
  • Provide a ‘Decor & Drinks’ package for guests staying local, with surprise and delights like branded plastic sunglasses or cups

Halloween — October 31st

  • Pre-sell tickets to a costume party or costume contest on Halloween night. Offer a free cocktail or Halloween shot with ticket purchase
  • Sell a dinner experience in which guests watch a horror movie while they dine on movie-inspired fare
  • Host a pumpkin pasta and fall favorites cooking class
  • Organize a “Creepy Cookies & Cocktails” event: an interactive cookie decorating and cocktail-making class at your venue or available online 
  • Offer upgrades to reservations booked on the nights leading up to Halloween to pre-purchase holiday cocktails
  • Create a special menu as a takeaway experience (pumpkin soup, pumpkin chili, etc.) for guests to pull together at home 
  • Offer a candy bag as an upgrade during reservation-booking on your website for the month of October

Thanksgiving — 4th Thursday of November

  • Offer a takeaway menu of food to bring home, including a full turkey dinner and seasonally-inspired pies
  • Provide a turkey tasting menus for families who don’t want to cook on Thanksgiving
  • Host a pumpkin pie cooking class Monday or Tuesday the week of Thanksgiving
  • Offer an upsell throughout November during reservation-booking where, with each seasonal cocktail pre-purchased, $2 is donated to a local food bank
  • Give guests the option to add on a canned food item to their reservation (to be donated); give a free glass of prosecco in return

Christmas — December 25th

  • Offer a prix fixe menu on your website — one option for Christmas Eve, and one option for Christmas Day. Have your time slot availability only show these experiences.
  • Christmas party, at-home edition: host a holiday season party-in-a-box for those guests looking to host small family events at home. Include hors d’oeuvres, holiday cocktails and decorations to help make the season bright
  • Offer a “holiday favorites” virtual cooking class: Master the art of mashed potatoes, stuffing, roasted veggies, and more — all in a virtual event format that keeps guests safe
  • Sugar, Spice & Everything Nice event: partner with a wine company or cocktail brand to do a pairing with popular holiday desserts

New Years’ Eve – December 31

  • Sell tickets to early and late dinner seatings. Make it prix-fixe and include a bottle of champagne per couple to celebrate.
Want more holiday ideas for your restaurant to celebrate? Here are 31 unusual holidays to help your restaurant stand out. SevenRooms helps restaurants like yours execute on these national food holiday ideas. Learn more below. holiday promotions for restaurants Clients: Here’s A Guide To Events, Experiences, and Upgrades For Your Widget. Not a customer yet? See how restaurants like yours are using SevenRooms.

Ultimate List of 2021 National Food Holidays

Bookmark this food holiday list and reference it as you plan promotions throughout the year.

January Food Holidays

  • January 1st: New Year’s Day 
  • January 1st: National Bloody Mary Day
  • January 4th: National Spaghetti Day
  • January 7th: National Tempura Day
  • January 13th: National Gluten-Free Day
  • January 15th: National Bagel Day
  • January 16th: International Hot and Spicy Day
  • January 19th: National Popcorn Day
  • January 20th: National Cheese Lover’s Day
  • January 23rd: National Pie Day
  • January 27th: National Chocolate Cake Day
  • January 28th: National Blueberry Pancake Day
  • January 30th: National Croissant Day
  • January 31st: National Hot Chocolate Day

February Food Holidays

  • February 1st: National Baked Alaska Day
  • February 2nd: Groundhog Day
  • February 2nd: National Tater Tot Day
  • February 3rd: National Carrot Cake Day
  • February 5th: World Nutella Day
  • February 7th: National Fettuccine Alfredo Day
  • February 7th: Super Bowl Sunday
  • February 9th: National Pizza Day
  • February 9th: National Bagels and Lox Day
  • February 13th: National Tortellini Day
  • February 14th: Valentine’s Day
  • February 16th: Pancake Day
  • February 18th: Drink Wine Day
  • February 20th: National Cherry Pie Day
  • February 20th: National Muffin Day
  • February 22nd: National Margarita Day
  • February 24th: National Tortilla Chip Day
  • February 25th: National Clam Chowder Day
  • February 25th: National Chili Day
  • February 27th: National Strawberry Day

March Food Holidays

  • March 1st: National Peanut Butter Lovers Day
  • March 4th: National Pound Cake Day
  • March 7th: National Cereal Day
  • March 9th: National Meatball Day
  • March 10th: National Ranch Dressing Day
  • March 12th: National Chicken Soup Day
  • March 13th: National Ginger Ale Day
  • March 14th: National Potato Chip Day
  • March 14th: National Reuben Day
  • March 16th: National Artichoke Day
  • March 17th: St. Patrick’s Day
  • March 19th: National Poultry Day
  • March 20th: National Ravioli Day
  • March 21st: National French Bread Day
  • March 23rd: National Chip and Dip Day
  • March 26th: National Spinach Day

April Food Holidays

  • April 2nd: National Peanut Butter And Jelly Day
  • April 3rd: National Chocolate Mousse Day
  • April 4th: Easter Day
  • April 4th: National Ramen Noodle Day
  • April 5th: National Deep Dish Pizza Day
  • April 6th: National Carbonara Day
  • April 7th: National Beer Day
  • April 8th: National Empanada Day
  • April 12th: National Grilled Cheese Day
  • April 16th: National Eggs Benedict Day
  • April 17h: World Malbec Day
  • April 26th: National Pretzel Day
  • April 27th: National Prime Rib Day
  • April 29th: National Shrimp Scampi Day
  • April 30th: Oatmeal Cookie Day

May Food Holidays

  • May 4th: National Orange Juice Day
  • May 5th: National Hoagie Day
  • May 9th: Mother’s Day
  • May 10th: National Shrimp Day
  • May 11th: Eat What You Want Day
  • May 13th: National Apple Pie Day
  • May 13th: International Hummus Day
  • May 13th: World Cocktail Day
  • May 14th: National Buttermilk Biscuit Day
  • May 15th: World Whiskey Day
  • May 16th: National Mimosa Day
  • May 25th: National Wine Day
  • May 28th: National Brisket Day
  • May 28th: National Hamburger Day
  • May 30th: National Mint Julep Day
  • May 31st: Memorial Day
  • May 31st: National Macaroon Day

June Food Holidays

  • June 1st: National Olive Day
  • June 2nd: National Rotisserie Chicken Day
  • June 3rd: National Egg Day
  • June 4th: National Donut Day
  • June 4th: National Cheese Day
  • June 10th: National Iced Tea Day
  • June 12th: National Rosé Day
  • June 12th: International Falafel Day
  • June 15th: National Lobster Day
  • June 16th: National Fudge Day
  • June 17th: Eat All Your Veggies Day
  • June 18th: National Ice Cream Day
  • June 18th: National Sushi Day
  • June 19th: National Martini Day
  • June 20th: National Ice Cream Soda Day
  • June 21st: National Smoothie Day
  • June 22nd: National Onion Ring Day
  • June 25th: National Catfish Day
  • June 28th: National Ceviche Day

July Food Holidays

  • July 4th: Independence Day
  • July 4th: National Caesar Salad Day
  • July 6th: National Fried Chicken Day
  • July 10th: National Piña Colada Day
  • July 11th: National Mojito Day
  • July 12th: National Pecan Pie Day
  • July 13th: National French Fry Day
  • July 14th: National Mac & Cheese Day
  • July 18th: National Caviar Day
  • July 20th: National Fortune Cookie Day
  • July 21st: National Hot Dog Day 
  • July 22nd: National BLT Day
  • July 23rd: National Vanilla Ice Cream Day
  • July 24th: National Tequila Day
  • July 29th: National Chicken Wing Day
  • July 29th: National Lasagna Day
  • July 30th: National Cheesecake Day
  • July 31st: National Avocado Day

August Food Holidays

  • August 3rd: National Watermelon Day
  • August 4th: National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day
  • August 5th: National Oyster Day
  • August 5th: National IPA Day
  • August 8th: National Frozen Custard Day
  • August 10th: National S’mores Day
  • August 11th: National Panini Day
  • August 13th: National Filet Mignon Day 
  • August 16th: National Bratwurst Day 
  • August 16th: National Rum Day
  • August 19th: National Potato Day
  • August 20th: National Bacon Lovers Day
  • August 23rd: National Cuban Sandwich Day
  • August 24th: National Waffle Day
  • August 25th: National Banana Split Day
  • August 27th: National Burger Day
  • August 28th: National Red Wine Day
  • August 31st: National Eat Outside Day

September Food Holidays

  • September 1st: National Gyro Day
  • September 3rd: National Baby Back Ribs Day
  • September 4th: International Bacon Day
  • September 5th: National Cheese Pizza Day
  • September 6th: Labor Day
  • September 7th: National Beer Lover’s Day
  • September 9th: National Wiener Schnitzel Day
  • September 12th: National Chocolate Milkshake Day
  • September 13th: National Peanut Day
  • September 15th: National Linguine Day
  • September 16th: National Guacamole Day
  • September 18th: National Cheeseburger Day
  • September 22nd: National Ice Cream Cone Day
  • September 25th: National Quesadilla Day
  • September 25th: National Lobster Day
  • September 26th: National Key Lime Pie Day
  • September 28th: National Drink Beer Day
  • September 30th: National Mulled Cider Day

October Food Holidays

  • October 1st: International Coffee Day
  • October 1st: World Vegetarian Day
  • October 4th: National Taco Day
  • October 4th: National Vodka Day
  • October 6th: National Noodle Day
  • October 11th: National Sausage Pizza Day
  • October 12th: National Gumbo Day
  • October 14th: National Dessert Day
  • October 16th: World Bread Day
  • October 17th: National Pasta Day
  • October 18th: National Chocolate Cupcake Day
  • October 21st: National Apple Day
  • October 22nd: National Nut Day
  • October 26th: National Pumpkin Day
  • October 27th: American Beer Day
  • October 28th: National Chocolate Day
  • October 31st: Halloween

November Food Holidays

  • November 1st: World Vegan Day
  • November 3rd: National Sandwich Day
  • November 5th: National Doughnut Day
  • November 6th: National Nachos Day
  • November 8th: National Cappuccino Day
  • November 10th: National Vanilla Cupcake Day
  • November 11th: National Sundae Day
  • November 14th: National Pickle Day
  • November 16th: National Fast Food Day
  • November 17th: Homemade Bread Day
  • November 17th: National Baklava Day
  • November 23rd: National Eat a Cranberry Day
  • November 23rd: National Espresso Day
  • November 25th: Thanksgiving
  • November 26th: National Cake Day
  • November 30th: National Mousse Day

December Food Holidays

  • December 2nd: National Fritter Day
  • December 4th: National Cookie Day
  • December 5th: National Comfort Food Day
  • December 6th: National Gazpacho Day
  • December 8th: National Brownie Day
  • December 9th: National Pastry Day
  • December 10th: National Lager Day
  • December 13th: National Cocoa Day
  • December 15th: National Cupcake Day
  • December 17th: National Maple Syrup Day
  • December 20th: National Sangria Day
  • December 24th: National Egg Nog Day
  • December 25th: Christmas
  • December 30th: National Bacon Day
  • December 31st: New Year’s Eve
  • December 31st: National Champagne Day

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