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Blog / April 21, 2022

4 Mother’s Day Marketing Ideas To Make More Money At Your Restaurant

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Molly Weinberg

Mother’s Day is May 8th, which means families are going to be dining out and spending more to celebrate Mom. According to the National Retail Federation, the US alone is set to spend over 20 billion on this annual tribute to Mothers. You should get your piece of the pie.

That’s why we put together 4 Mother’s Day marketing ideas to help you maximize revenue this year.

Idea 1: Offer Upgrades

Upgrades allow guests to add-on services, gifts and special menu items to their reservation to customize their dining experience.

Using a system that allows you to offer upgrades during the booking process and collect pre-payment is a great way to earn additional revenue before the guests even walk in the door. Plus, it’s a convenient and easy way for guests to know they’ve handled this treat for Mom before their arrival.

Examples of upgrades include:

  • Flower arrangement at the table
  • A box of chocolates for Mom
  • A bottle of champagne waiting at the table
  • A special off-menu dessert at the end of the meal

Here’s what the upgrade process can look like in real life when using a reservation system that has upgrade offerings pre-built into the platform:

Idea 2: Create Unique Experiences

We know guests are always looking for the next experience – something different than their normal dining outings. Food is still the focal point of a restaurant, but the total ‘experience’ is quickly becoming just as important. This is especially true when you think about who will be making reservations for Mother’s Day: Millennials. According to a recent study, nearly three out of four millennials prefer to spend money on experiences rather than material goods.

So how do you make an experience out of Mother’s Day?

There are endless opportunities to wow your guests on this special holiday. From offering a special menu and throwing in a complimentary photo of the table,  to including a small chocolate tasting at the end of the meal — it’s easy to make this day extra memorable for guests. Even better, send mom home with a box of chocolates that she customized herself based on her favorites from the tasting.

The most crucial step is making these experiences known to the guests during booking. Customize what your guests see when they search for reservations on May 8th, highlighting specific time slots where your Mother’s Day experience is available, and showcasing details on the offering including a description, pricing and photos.

If you are featuring a special dish or seasonal items, allowing your guests to pre-purchase gives you insight into how much of those items you will need and can help cut down on over-ordering or food waste. Ensure that you have set cut-off times for pre-purchasing experiences to ensure a sufficient amount of inventory is available.

To see other types of experiences in action, check out SevenRooms’ guide, 3 Tips for Driving More Revenue from your Reservation Book.

Idea 3: Send Targeted Marketing

You can’t forget to tell your guests all about how you’re making Mother’s Day special this year. It’s important to share with the world, but it is a nice perk for your most loyal guests (i.e. your VIPs) to let them in on the news first. When you communicate with your most loyal customers, you will often see the best engagement and help continue to build their commitment to your restaurant. Consider these channels to broadcast your Mother’s Day Marketing Ideas:

  • Send them a “you heard it here first” marketing email alerting them of the special table availability for Mother’s Day experiences and upgrades.
  • Export the names and emails of your top guests and do targeted paid marketing to them on Facebook and Instagram alerting them of your special offers
  • Using the same list, have the General Manager send a personalized email to these guests reminding them of your Mother’s Day availability. A personal message goes a long way!

*PRO TIP* Some reservation and guest engagement platforms, give you the option to send personalized messages at scale without having to send each email one-by-one.

When you’re setting up these campaigns across your channels, we recommend using a special URL or adding parameters to help you track the campaign’s success. This helps you know which channels showed the best return on investment (ROI).

Idea 4: Execute on off-premise online ordering

Mother’s Day might look and feel a little different this year, but it’s still a great excuse for your customers to spoil Mom. If they’re not comfortable dining at your restaurant, make it easy for them to provide that same experience at home with delivery and pickup. Use an online ordering platform that helps you seamlessly accept and execute these to-go meals. Take payments ahead of time to guarantee revenue, even if guests don’t feel comfortable visiting you in person this year. Plus, by using direct technology to facilitate these orders, you’ll have access to all the data you need to welcome guests back for other special occasions, like Father’s Day in June.

Offer online packages that provide a three- or four-course meal at home, complete with flowers, champagne and dessert. Print out special cards with a QR code to a celebratory playlist or a Happy Mother’s Day message. Or add in surprise-and-delights, like freshly baked cookies or another specialty item, helping make Mother’s Day more memorable at home.

These are just a few ideas of how to creatively maximize your reservation book this Mother’s Day. The Mother’s Day marketing ideas described above can be applied to any holiday where people are thinking about dining out. Plus, upgrades and experiences can be a year-long offering. For example, a kitchen tour is an experience people will always be interested in. Or offer guests the opportunity to add a wine pairing to their meal during the booking progress to drive revenue before their visit.

Good luck this Mother’s Day! For more information on how to make experiences and upgrades a part of your booking process, schedule a demo with SevenRooms.

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