Guest Data & Profiles

Guest management with real-time data that makes cents.

45 million

direct guest relationships built

$600 million+

guest spend tracked in 2017


data points tracked per profile

Robust Guest Profiles

Comprehensive guest profiles track everything from allergies to dining preferences and reservation history, allowing you to personalize customer interactions in real time. And, merging guest profiles ensures cohesive databases across all properties.

POS Integration

SevenRooms seamlessly integrates with existing POS technology. That means you can track spend and customer order history in real time, tying detailed POS information into guest profiles.

Customizable Guest Tags

Make guest data easily visible with unlimited standard and customizable tags that can be applied to profiles and reservations. Tags can be configured locally to a single location, or used globally across your entire portfolio. Plus, leverage our library of auto-tags to watch profiles tag themselves with your pre-defined rules and criteria.

Database Segmentation

Easily create customizable segments within your guest database for targeted marketing. Configure segments for regulars, high spenders, reviewers, first timers and more, so you can send the right messages and offers to each segment.

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