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Playbooks & Guides / November 30, 2021

The Restaurateur’s Guide to Marketing Automation

In order to run a financially successful restaurant business, marketing efforts are not just crucial to attracting new customers but play a critical role in turning first-time guests into loyal regulars.

In an ideal world, restaurateurs would have unlimited resources to reach thousands of new guests each day that would fill their dining rooms and they would serve them all flawlessly. But in the real world, resources are limited.Maximizing time, talent, and financial resources is critical to a restaurant’s profitability and longevity. That’s where marketing automation comes into the picture.

In this guide to marketing automation, you’ll learn:

  • What Marketing Automation is
  • Why it matters to the hospitality industry
  • How guest data is used in marketing automation
  • The different types of marketing automation
  • How to create memorable moments that turn guests into regulars
  • How to measure the success of your marketing automation efforts.

Additionally, we’ll share case studies of restaurants successfully using marketing automation to grow their business and provide examples and inspiration for you to use in your marketing strategy.

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