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Webinar / January 25, 2021

Drive More Takeout Revenue: How To Optimize 2021’s Biggest Ordering Moments

*This is a recording of a live webinar on February 9th, 2021*

With indoor dining restrictions in flux, online ordering continues to be a critical revenue source for many restaurants. Historically, popular events and holidays drive restaurant sales in the first half of the year. What are you doing to drive more orders?

Tune into this webinar with SevenRooms SVP of Marketing, Marybeth Sheppard and Jason Steinthal from Crave Fishbar & Tacovision, as we discuss how to make the most of delivery & takeout moments.

Watch the webinar to learn how to:

  • Set a promotional calendar around the top ordering moments
  • Optimize your online ordering presence
  • Promote your special offerings early & across your channels
  • Implement new marketing strategies
  • Evaluate if you have the right technology to drive direct orders

About Marybeth Sheppard
Marybeth Sheppard is the SVP of Marketing at SevenRooms, where she helps SevenRooms customers build more profitable businesses through data. Prior to joining SevenRooms, Marybeth was Head of Restaurant Marketing at Grubhub-Seamless where she helped restaurants scale up their delivery and takeout business.

About Jason Steinthal
Jason Steinthal has spent the last 8 years developing, opening and operating three restaurants in New York City — two locations of Crave Fishbar and one of TacoVision. As the Director of Operations he was responsible for building teams, designing and implementing training programs, building menus and creating beverage programs – always with a focus on maximizing operational efficiency. Today, he is a consultant for our Customer Success team here at SevenRooms.



Watch the Webinar