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Take online reservations, manage venue operations and put your marketing in high gear.

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Hospitality tools as exciting as your main event

Is your business at the intersection of food and fun? SevenRooms helps you bring these two worlds together with the industry’s leading guest experience and retention platform. Whether it’s tennis, golf simulators, axe throwing or bowling, SevenRooms helps you maximize F&B profits while simplifying operations across your properties. With SevenRooms, you’re in control of your brand, your data and your operations so you can offer exceptional experiences, on your own terms.

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Increase online bookings

Put your brand front and center while you capture commission-free reservations and robust guest data.

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Streamline operations

Maximize covers and spend, while improving guest satisfaction with our venue management system.

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Bring guests back

Create and manage automated email marketing campaigns that encourage repeat bookings.

Online reservations for every activity

User-friendly and completely customizable, our white-labeled booking widget streamlines reservations and scheduling, no matter the activity. From tables and lanes to ticketed events and special experiences, it’s easy to showcase unique reservation types, set custom durations and offer upgrades and add-ons. Plus, SevenRooms automates the capture of customer and reservation data to your CRM in real-time so you know exactly who’s coming through your doors.

  • CheckmarkSave money with commission-free reservations
  • CheckmarkManage time-based activities
  • CheckmarkShowcase your brand
  • CheckmarkGrow your guest database
  • CheckmarkSell special events and experiences

Easy venue management

Managing multiple experiences like bowling or axe throwing alongside dining can complicate operations. The SevenRooms platform maximizes covers, predicts wait times, and makes it easy to manage both entertainment and dining at your venue. Customizable two-way SMS and in-service alerts keep you in touch with guests and the action on the floor. We’ll help you keep your guests showing up on time and your business running smoothly.

  • CheckmarkMaximize covers and turns
  • CheckmarkCollect guest data automatically
  • CheckmarkView itemized POS details on guest profiles
  • CheckmarkGet in-service notifications

Supercharge your marketing

Our fully integrated front-of-house platform helps you unlock a 360-degree view of your guests with the industry’s most robust CRM, empowering you to cultivate deeper relationships and run more targeted marketing campaigns. Keep your brand top of mind with automated email campaigns that incentivize customers to return. Increase repeat business by advertising special events, experiences or membership passes to your SevenRooms database.

  • CheckmarkDrive repeat revenue automatically
  • CheckmarkCreate targeted experiences and promotions
  • CheckmarkCapitalize on special dates (e.g., birthdays and anniversaries)
  • CheckmarkBuild brand loyalty

We use SevenRooms to manage members and reservations at SPIN Toronto — and what a great choice it has been! Because our events and group reservations rely solely on this system, we needed it to be user-friendly, keep our information safe and be completely customizable to our unique needs. We received all of that and more with SevenRooms.”

Club Concierge

All the tools you need to succeed.

At the core of the SevenRooms platform is the world’s best CRM software for entertainment and sporting venues — but that’s just the beginning. We help you build relationships before guests enter your venue, and we ensure you stay top of mind as you strengthen relationships and bring guests back. The best part: it’s all automated.


Live Table Spend

Discover who you need to pay extra attention to.


Review Aggregation

Have a single view of all third-party online reviews.

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Mobile Order & Pay

Simply scan a QR code, order and pay from anywhere.

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Built For Groups

Share reservation and guest data across properties.


Ticketed Event Management

Put on special events and sell tickets seamlessly with our event management software


Custom Booking Durations

Unlock online reservations for variable time slots.


Reservation & Waitlist Management

Streamline operations and identify regulars with ease.

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Guest Feedback Surveys

Automatically collect guest feedback first and fast.

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Request Management

Let guests request reservations if you’re sold out.


PCI-Compliant Payments

Keep online credit card payments secure.

MLSE Eliminates Booking Fees & Shares Data Across 5 Properties

/ Results

11X Repeat Visits

Segmented email campaigns dramatically increased repeat visits for MLSE.

$48K Annual Cost-Savings

Focusing on direct reservations helped MLSE eliminate cover fees and capture more guest data.

Hospitality with a human touch

With SevenRooms, you’re in control with flexible tools that let you market what’s unique about your brand while streamlining internal operations and collecting valuable guest data. How can our team help you today?


Let’s drive your business forward