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Hospitality tools and insights to make every member feel at home

Give members personalized treatment so they feel at home. Customize reservations, tickets and experiences to fit your unique club and over-deliver on member expectations. 
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Know every member to a tee with detailed guest profiles

Automated, actionable guest data collection using our club management software gives you the insights needed to create personalized experiences that make every member feel like family.
Bring your guests into the inner circle using details and dining preferences in automated guest profiles, like preferred cocktails or favorite bites.
Upgrade the member experience with standard, custom and automated guest tags like "VIP” or "Martini lover.”
Ensure guests get the same personal experience at any club location by hosting guests profiles in a shared CRM database.
Tap into our POS integration to see real-time member spend across club areas or locations.

It’s your club — do things your way with flexible booking and ordering tools

With our club management software, you're in complete control. Set your private club's availability and manage bookings and online orders based on membership status — allowing members to choose their preferred experience.
Maintain your brand’s unique look and feel by creating customizable reservation and online ordering experiences.
Give members control over their dining experiences with personalized reservation upgrades and enticing add-ons.
Simplify operations with a fully integrated CRM that works with front-of-house systems.
Release tiered booking and event inventory and allow top members to reserve your most popular dates and times.

Tailor service to meet member standards with best-in-class table management

Our integrated CRM and table management software automatically collects data to prepare your staff with details about every member, so they can focus on hospitality and incredible guest experiences.
Improve guest relations with actionable, detailed member data that lets you personalize each interaction.
Run consistent, smooth shifts with smart table management.
Centralize VIP and guest communications with Private Line.
Elevate guest experiences with user-friendly, on-site mobile ordering.

Keep members in-the-know with an email marketing solution built for hospitality

Engage guests when they’re not at the club and share branded email newsletters, promotions and event tickets to groups of members or loyalty tiers.
Tie email campaigns back to member reservations and revenue to seamlessly track marketing ROI.
Strengthen member relationships and stay top of mind using email marketing automation and email nurturing.
Explore curated hospitality email templates or build your own to create branded newsletters, promotions, events and more.
Send emails right away or schedule for a future date and time.

“Before SevenRooms, multiple reservation systems made for scattered data collection and operational headaches. Now, not only do we have a consolidated view of our guests; we have the ability to follow up with each one automatically, strengthening those relationships and generating passive revenue in the process.”

Gerhard Lanyi, Brotzeit® International

“SevenRooms gave us the ability to harness guest data and leverage it to personalise the guest experience in a way that was in line with our business goals. Being able to utilise these insights effectively was a definite pull for us.”

Natalia Andrade, Head of Marketing, Fazenda

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Membership Clubs: Here’s How to Streamline Operations & Delight Members

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