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Hospitality tools built for nightclubs & bars

Transform nightlife experiences with a nightclub management and CRM software — manage VIP offerings, table and bottle service and personalized treatment seamlessly to keep profits flowing.

Automatically collect customer data needed to craft a night to remember

Memorable evenings are made by remembering the little details. With automated guest profiles and real-time spend insights, you’ll understand your customer inside and out, making it easy to give them the best night of their life, every time they come in.

Turn up the volume on revenue by promoting your events and experiences online

With our nightclub management software’s branded booking solutions, each touchpoint becomes a profit-driving opportunity that’ll work wonders on your bottom line.

Manage queues, guest lists and table service with ease

From managing your guest list and table reservations to identifying VIPS, our venue management software ensures smooth operations to keep smiles — and wallets — out to play.

Promote your events and watch the revenue roll in with email marketing software built for hospitality

Build branded email campaigns and send marketing promotions for specials and big nightlife events like featured DJs, concerts and parties. 

"The integration of SevenRooms into our POS system has enabled us to capture the type of data we need to understand and anticipate the needs of our guests. Access to a searchable, accurate database of real data allows us to build proactive loyalty and marketing strategies.”

Joe Friedman, Director of Marketing Partnerships, TAO GROUP

“SevenRooms is a sophisticated system that makes me very, very happy. We can access all of our venues because they’re operating on the same system. When someone walks in —it’s so clearly marked who they are — are they a celebrity? What is their spend history? What are their preferences?”

Alice Wilson, Sr. Business Development Manager, Inception Group

“The combination of SevenRooms Email Marketing and Automated Emails makes guests feel very connected with us. Being able to choose who our emails are going to — a specific customer segment or broadcasting to our whole database — makes the process a lot simpler.”

Alyssa Fenu, Sales & Marketing Manager, Mango's Tropical Cafe

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Green Rock

You create incredible nights, we’ll take care of the day-to-day

How to Run a Successful Nightclub: 9 Tips to Maximize Revenue

In this guide to nightclub management, we’re focusing on tips for running your food and beverage outlets more efficiently and profitably.

We’ll help you stay a step ahead of your guests

The nightclub industry never sleeps and neither does our platform. You focus on guest experiences and let us help with the rest.