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Be the host with the most online sales

Make your website the sales tool that never forgets to share the specials. Showcase exciting experiences and events that generate incremental sales before customers even walk in the door.
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Unlock your full revenue potential

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Create and market your unique experiences online

Make every occasion unforgettable by highlighting what makes you unique. Add your own flavor to the reservation booking flow by offering wine tastings, chef's tables or anything you can cook up to build excitement and bring in prepaid revenue.
Create flexible, bookable experiences specific to certain seating areas, times or party sizes.
Show off your programming and brand using custom landing pages.
Get the word out by promoting them with integrated marketing tools. 

Increase average guest spend with reservation add-ons

Give your guests something extra to look forward to by suggesting reservation add-ons like a bottle of champagne, a premium table or a signature dessert. 
Allow guests to enhance their experience with reservation add-ons and upgrades.
Capture revenue in advance by spotlighting items or experiences guests may never have known about.
Highlight what makes your venue unique to every guest who books a reservation.
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Transform your venue into a ticketed event space and turn more profits

Reimagine your restaurant space and open up a new stream of revenue with event ticketing. Entertain guests with ticketed events like cocktail classes, live music or offer up areas of your restaurant for corporate celebrations or holiday parties.
Use a branded events webpage to promote ticketed events throughout the year.
Promote event landing pages with all the event details via email, social or QR code.
Track which events drive the most revenue using real-time dashboards.

Create unlimited and flexible booking policies to meet any need

Easily implement reservation policies and deposits in minutes using secure payment processing. With transparent expectations, you’ll drastically reduce no-shows and protect yourself from cancellations.
Request partial or full deposits via online payments for large parties, special events or your busiest times.
Add a minimum spend policy for large parties, specialty seating areas or holidays.
Easily identify guests that cancel and invite them back. 
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“We are able to directly measure the efficiency of each campaign, to see how much a specific email is generating for a specific Offer. We’ve noticed that when the call to action directs guests towards a specific experience, we see a high conversion rate in terms of bookings. So that has been great; it has a very big impact.”

Federica D’Incecco, Nobu London

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18 Restaurant Event Ideas That Will Leave Your Guests Hungry for More

As a restaurant owner or marketer, it’s in your best interest to consider your own restaurant event ideas that get people in the door and separate your business from competitors.

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